Red Eyes and Mexican Magic

Generations of grave revenge, demon summoning, and more..


Cynthia Lapham
Date | 1920's 1940s and 2010's
Location | SE Georgia and Mexico


One of my experiences that solidified that there is more than what we can see around us happened when I was 17 about a decade or so ago. I was sleeping on my stomach and something pushed my back down so I woke up. I turned and saw my bookshelf, and in the dark, I saw huge, glowing, red eyes. It freaked me out so much that I ran screaming to my parents. But when my dad went to investigate there was nothing there.

In that same house as the red eyes incident, my mom would wake up in the middle of the night because she felt something was watching her, and a dark shadow (my mom felt it was a female entity) would be standing over my mom looking down at her sleeping. When my mom awoke, the figure would stand up and just walk out of the room. My mom would follow, but wouldn’t see anything.

At around three in the morning, the living room would start to sound like a party was going on. This happened about twice a month.

My mom is from Mexico and she says that America has less magic than Mexico does because we don’t believe. She told me two stories about her father, uncle, and grandfather when they lived in Mexico in the 1920s and 1940s.

My great-grandfather was a bounty hunter in the 1920s and was used to hard work and dangerous entanglements. He was hunting down this man that he wound up killing but was arrested because the locals didn’t know he was a bounty hunter. At night in the local jail, he felt a hand wrap around his neck and attempt to choke him. My great-grandfather said that it was the man he had killed.

Mexico in the 1940s was pretty rural, and often they couldn’t use cars. They just relied on horses. My great uncle was stopping for the night when he came across an abandoned shack where he decided to rest. Right away he felt little tugs on his blanket. Feeling a little unsafe he went outside to sleep. When he awoke, his blanket and saddle were gone, but his horse was still tied down, I believe. My mother said that he had come across duendes (elves).

And finally, my grandfather and great uncle were messing around with a magic book. The book said to draw a circle and chant some words. When they chanted the words their light went out and they heard these deep, demonic breaths on the outside of the window. In the morning they saw goat-like, bipedal footprints. They buried the book the next morning and then went to confession to ensure nothing else happened.

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