Quoth the Ravens

Unexpected Hunting Guides


Date | 2000-2005
Location | Boise, ID


Hey guys, 

This story was told to me by my Grandfather and I found out later that it was only told to me and not to anybody else in the family. I am the eldest of his five grandchildren and I guess you could say I am just more open to things unseen and unexplained than the rest. A little back story on my Grandpa; he was an avid outdoorsman his whole life. He grew up in Idaho and Washington in a ranching family, a family with people missing thumbs from roping and everything. He was a real salt-of-the-earth guy. Never spoke about anything paranormal, a Christian man who loved to hunt. He had many friends in various Native American tribes and was genuinely loved by all. He was later a teacher and fought in Vietnam and he also was a hunting guide himself for a time spending much of his time in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Canada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. I say all this to stress that 1) he was in the woods constantly and 2) he was not a person to make things up. He was not a storyteller and never talked about anything odd he saw in all his decades in the woods. Until this story that he told only to me.
It is a great regret in my life that I do not remember what tribe these hunting guides were from. 

So one day, my Grandpa and a few of his buddies were out hunting in an area of Idaho they were unfamiliar with, so they had hired these other two Native men who lived in the area to guide their hunt. 

Grandpa said they were having a bit of trouble finding any deer in the beginning and they were getting tired and a bit discouraged, but having driven all they from Oregon, they didn’t want to give up yet. He said that at this point, the two guides ushered them into this area that was a mostly open field with a few pine trees in it. Also along the edge of this clearing, there was an old fence post. He said it looked like there used to be a whole fence there for livestock many years ago but now, it was only a few posts resembling a fence. And there, sitting on this fence were 2 huge ravens. He said even from a few paces away, the ravens looked massive but other than that, he didn’t think anything of it. Until the party stopped short of the ravens and one of the guides slowly and quietly approached the birds who had not yet flown away. The guide spoke to the ravens in what Grandpa assumed was his native language. He said he was surprised. The other Native guide who had stayed back with the hunting party leaned over to the men and quietly said, “He’s asking where the deer are.” The party had become very quiet, not really knowing what to think. It was the surprise of my Grandfather’s life when he watched as one of the ravens responded to the guide in the same human language that was spoken to it by the man. The bird did not caw or make normal bird noises. It spoke in a human language that only the guides understood. I often imagine how I would react if a wild animal spoke words right in front of me and I do not believe I would handle it well. The conversation was short. Seemed to be no-nonsense. The guide asked and the raven answered. My Grandfather did not ask what the raven had said to the man in his own language, probably too freaked out at the moment although he wouldn’t tell me that. This was very clearly in the middle of nowhere and it did not seem planned to anyone in the group. The birds were clearly wild my Grandpa had said. The party then left and continued following the 2 guides although much more quietly this time than they had been earlier in the day. They did end up shortly after finding some deer and everyone’s tags were filled. Grandpa never spoke about the event again to me, but the story stuck with me and I know he thought about it often. He never liked ravens after that. 

Not sure if you can use this but thought I’d share anyway. I love your podcast and you guys are doing a great job. Keep at it! 



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