In remembrance of Jake I have 2 animal stories. My uncle Alvin Phipps was drafted into WW2, he was only 18. He left Stange Oklahoma for basic training in FT Rooker Alabama by bus. Alvin had a hard time leaving his dog Beau behind, Alvin was the youngest of 11 children and Beau was his best friend. The day after Alvin left home Beau came up missing. Alvins family chose to keep this info to themselves as to not upset him during basic training. Alvin was in his 5th week of training in Alabama when Beau showed up on the military base, emaciated and road worn. Alvin was able to convince his commander that it was his dog and the commander wrote Alvin’s mom to verify. Beau was allowed to stay on base with Alvin until training was over and Alvin had his week leave before being shipped out. On leave Alvin took Beau home with him where he was able to convince him to stay until Alvin returned from war. This is a very well known story in my family and it has always amazes me that eau made it so far to find the boy he loved.
I believe the flip side of my family shares a psychic bond with the animals that they love. A story that I believe proves this is in 1940 when my grandmother Helen Phipps was 7 years old her family was moving from a house and straying Oklahoma across the river to another house just outside of town. They had a barn cat that my grandmother loved very much but that her dad just considered to be an old barn cat. When they loaded up their wagon with the furniture and got ready to move to their new home my grandmother begged to take the cat with them. Her father said it would not be a good idea because that cat belongs in the barn at the old house. My grandmother cried all the way across the river to the new house however she quit crying when they pulled up in front of the new house and who sat on the porch but her beloved Barn cat. It’s just another example of the amazing bond that people can share with the animals that they love.
Rest in peace Jake you will be missed

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