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When a woman moves to British Columbia, she is confronted with a dangerous, paranormal reality


Alicia S.
Date | Unknown
Location | Nelson, BC


I have a ghost story I would like to tell you. I was very much a non-believer, and I am still a skeptic to this day, but something happened to me when I lived in a very small town a few years ago, that makes me question reality.

It all started when we had decided to relocate to Nelson, BC. It’s a small town, and a large departure from the metropolis we were from. The boyfriend spent long periods out of town for work, so I was in charge of finding us a place to live. The landlord informed me that the house I chose was roughly 100 years old. I had not even considered the prospect of anything paranormal. One night, a couple of months after moving in, my boyfriend was out of town again. I am a skeptic, so I really didn’t think much of spending time alone, despite there being no street lamps outside, and the house having a general spooky vibe at night. I was also in the company of three cats.

One night, I was up late watching tv, playing around with the video function on my phone. I was taking videos of the cats, with no light besides what came off the tv. I noticed some orbs, and I had not even previously known this term, but I googled it shortly after this experience.

I was inclined to think of these white, perfectly formed, floating spheres as dust particles, however they did not fit that criteria, at least according to what I have seen before. They moved organically, as if swimming or flying, they were on the whole, much larger than dust particles, and some even seemed to have shapes and faces inside. It creeped me out when they moved toward me in a way that seemed intentional.

At first, I was fascinated. I showed friends on their own phones. We even caught an orb glowing in a totally pitch black room. The more photos and videos I took, however, the more orbs appeared. By this time a few weeks had gone by and one night shortly after lying down to go to sleep, I felt a pressure on the bed.. It was obvious, not a questionable thing, and I immediately felt for one of the cats, even though my mind had known that the pressure I had felt was much heavier than a cat.

I felt no cat. I heard no cat. I was scared and immediately flipped on the bedside lamp. There were no cats in the bedroom. I calmed myself down as best I could, and tried to forget about this incident. I also stopped taking photos and videos. Over the coming months, I felt uncomfortable and uneasy in the house. Then one evening I was positive that I felt a light shove to my back.

I was averse to any paranormal encounters. While I thought the orbs were neat, and for the most part, love ghost stories, I did not want to live through one, and the proof I had experienced was enough for me. I wanted to move out of the house. I continued to experience the pressure on the bed, while I was in it, a few more times. It honestly felt like a person was sitting on my bed.

The final incident occurred on a night shortly before I moved. I had been cooking dinner. There was a hallway that connects the dining room from the kitchen. When dinner was ready, I was carrying it from the kitchen to the dining room, when suddenly a crash of something falling off the counter made me stop. I turned around. There was of course nothing there, except for a dish that had clattered to the floor, unbroken. Just as I was turning around, the glass light covering above my head, as well as the bulb inside, burst into shards above me! .. After this, I decided to move.

I am glad to have experienced this because I now know the paranormal is real, and to me that keeps magic alive, but I do not want to go through anything like it again.

Love the podcast. Discovered it recently from a recommendation on Reddit, and have been binge listening ever since.

See the Orb Cat Video Below:

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