Ouija Boards Gone Wild: Featuring ZOZO


Yes yes, it’s finally summertime. But who doesn’t want a little Halloween in July? Just because there’s sun outside and limes in your beer doesn’t mean the spirits still aren’t hiding in the dark, mysterious air-conditioned spaces in your home.

Be they spirits of the dead, trickster elementals, demonic scavengers, or magic of the mind, something is stirring within the fibers of the board.

Tonight we discuss spirit communication tools before the board (BTB), going all the way back to Pythagorus and his cult of mathematics. Then we dive into the dark- and ultimately tragic – Ouija Board obsession by certain authors and poets.

Finally, we uncover the secrets of ZOZO and explore the modern phenomena of this demonic, Ouija-exhumed entity, whose terrifying communications and conjurings have been witnessed by hundreds of people across the globe.

So get your rosary, burn your sage, and hold fast to the light as we peer once more into the dark mystery of the Ouija Board.

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01:24 | Bloody Mary/ Ghostly Games
06:10 | Before the Board: Spirit Communications Devices
09:51 | White Noise Voices
12:22 | Ouija Board Stories
14:04 | STORY | Ouija Board Mania / El Cerrito Madness
21:05 | STORY | It had Red Eyes
32:44 | Don’t Go Into the Light! + Wingmakers
36:36 | Aleister Crowley Thoughts on Ouija Board
44:41 | James Merrill – Ouija-Inspired Poetry/ Poet Possession
47:55 | Sylvia Plath – Author’s Tragic End – Ouija Influenced
51:20 | Changing Light at Sandover | Excerpt
53:49 | Our Personal Ouija Board Stories
1:00:20 | Entities in the Board: Elementals
1:03:13 | ZOZO – the phenomena begins
1:21:46 | Falling into the Abyss/ Dark Days in Akron, OH
1:27:18 | Near Death Experience / Adam Tapp – Paramedic




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