Ouija Woman in the Hall

A Storm Summons a Horrifying Spirit


Kris Curtis
Date | 3/17/2020
Location | McEwen, Tennessee

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Hear the account @ 15:13

Ouija Woman in the Hall

I Wanna start off by saying my name is kris curtis and I’m from Mcewen Tennessee. I was probably 6 or 7 years old when I lived in an apartment with my mom and stepdad, every other weekend with my two sisters.
Well one weekend I was over, my sisters kept bugging me to swap rooms, they kept getting scared in their bedroom, said they seen a lady walk out of the closet and down the hall. Well they made me switch with them.
I never had a problem with that bedroom until the night the tornado alarms were going off. I went to go down the hall to my parents in the living room, and there she was, blocking me. She started coming towards me, but here is the kicker: she was crawling down the wall. I screamed and cried. I still see it vividly to this day and I’m 23 now. I wouldn’t stay there no more after that. When they moved, come to find out an old lady had died when the place caught on fire. Maybe was her.. but i don’t know.

Follow Up

About a year or two before I saw the old woman, we had rented a old big house in the middle of town.. and that’s where my sisters played with that ouija board.. At night, shadows would go across the wall and my door knobs would turn and click. I had a set of old army men, they were metal, and one night, they vanished into thin air.
My sisters had confessed after strange things kept happening that they had played with the board. And my mom was kinda mad about it, but we packed and moved into the apartment, and that’s when it sorta followed us there. But it didn’t mess with me. And I seen the old lady. And it must have stayed because my ex gf had a friend that lived there after, and she had strange lights in her room and doors would open and close. But she never seen anything or anyone.

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