One Night at the Gas Station

A Night Shift Clerk Learns of a Disturbing Haunting


Date |
Location | St. Joseph, Michigan


I was working 3rd shift at a gas station in St. Joseph Mi. when I had a customer come in and tell me to watch two cars in the parking lot because they pulled in crazy and someone was yelling. So after the customer left I went outside to partake in my vaping nicotine addiction and listen to the drama.

The man was standing out in the parking lot talking to someone in the second car. he had a dog with him that looked like it was scared of something. He then puts the dog in the second car and tells whoever was in it that he can’t go back to that house. Then he walked towards the store, so I went back inside.

The man then went and grabbed an adult beverage and came to the counter for some smokes. when he got to the counter i could see him visibly shaking.

Then he proceeded to tell me that he was just at his new home for his first night there, just him and his dog, when his dog started barking at a closet door.. He said he had already propped the door shut on this closet earlier that day cause i kept opening on him while he was doing things. AS his dog continued to bark at the closet he got up to take a look when the closet burst open and a shadow lunged out at him.

The way the guy was shaking I do believe he saw a shadow person. He stopped in the next day and told me he ended up sleeping in his car because he wasn’t going back in that house at night.

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