Okinawa Demon

Soldiers Frightened Off from Haunted Room


Date | 2012
Location | Okinawa, Japan. Marine Corps Base Camp Foster


When I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan we all experienced unexplainable things in the barracks. As I am sure you know, Okinawa was the bloodiest battle of WWII, claiming 100,00 Okinawans (as casualties of war or by suicide as ordered by the Japanese Army), 110,000 Japanese troops, and 12,000 American troops. The chances for spirits to linger is high, having died so violently and with so much conflict. The location of the following encounters occurred in Barracks 5696 on Marine Corps Base Camp Foster.

Demon encounter. This encounter did not happen to me, but it happened to my friend that lived in a room down the hall. One night I was asleep in my room when someone was banging on my door in the middle of the night (I was the barracks manager at the time so it was my job to manage vacancies, fix discrepancies, lead cleaning, and making sure that new people got a room, basically like a hotel manager kind of). It was the duty and my friend Allison (name changed). The duty said I had to find Allison a new room. She had a black eye so I assumed maybe someone broke in and beat her up. The black eye was fresh and new; I had just seen her earlier and she did not have it. She said she wanted a room at the opposite end of the hall and with a roommate (she was living in her room alone at the time). No one ASKS to have a roommate, which I found off but assumed maybe she wanted to feel safe from her attacker. I got her a new room, no questions asked. Later, I asked the duty what happened. They said she came tearing out of her room, shouting that the devil attacked her. One duty grabbed her to make sure she was okay, and the other duty went into the room to search for the perpetrator. 

He went into the room and the window was locked, and no one was inside. He even checked the bathroom, the shower, and the wall lockers, and even the room and window next door.. the window was locked and no one was inside. You cannot lock these windows from the outside, only the inside. Her room door was right within view of the duty desk, so if someone came in or out through her main door they would have easily seen. Allison later confided in me, telling me that for the last 3 months since she had been in that room, something was waking her up at night and pulling on her legs, arms, and even holding her down. She said her room was always freezing cold. Okinawa is extremely humid and there is no AC in the barracks to produce cold air; it is always boiling hot. With time, things escalated. This thing started to hit her and scratch her. 

On this particular night, she tried to stand up the “thing” and it threw her into her dresser, leaving the back eye, so she ran out of her room. A day later, A Sergeant from another company heard of the incident. He spoke to Allison about what happened, and then asked me if he could go into the room and perform a ritual. He was Native American and a leader in his tribe back home. I let him into the room and closed the door behind him. He came back out within 10 minutes and told me the ritual was not successful and to never let alone occupy the room again. He said a dark entity not of this earth lives there and tortures anyone that dares to enter its space. I kept the room vacant as long as I was the barracks manager and passed it on to my replacement. That was over 10 years ago, so who knows what has happened since.

Personal encounters: I was low ranking at this time, so I lived in the barracks and had a roommate. We had a shower curtain hung up and on a rod that separated our beds from the sink and the light (so we could get ready in the morning and not wake up the other if they were still sleeping). We had a shared head (bathroom) with our neighbors and the bathroom door and also the room entrance was behind that curtain as well. I was laying on my bed watching TV with the curtain fully expanded, when I saw the curtain start to slide open in the corner of my eye. I assumed my roommate was coming home so I didn’t really pay attention until I said “what’s up” and did not get a response. I looked up and saw no one, but the curtain was now slid all the way to the right, open. I immediately got up and ran out of the room, looking around the hallway to see if maybe my roommate came in but changed her mind. I called her, and she was still at the motor pool and had not returned to the barracks. I banged on my neighbors door to see if she was home and maybe came in but left (we know how to open each other’s shared bathroom doors from the inside). But she was on an exercise in Korea. 

I ran back into my room, through the bathroom, and rigged her bathroom door open. No one was in her room. And no one was in mine. With no one in my neighbor’s room, and with my room’s door bolted from the inside.. there was no way someone came in. I waited outside in the beer garden until my roommate came home later that night so I wouldn’t have to be in the room alone. When my roommate showed up I told her what happened and her eyes got big and she said that has happened to her too…

Personal encounter 2: A normal procedure when living in the barracks in Okinawa is standing duty and also having a fire watch on each level of the barracks. I was on fire watch in the third level hallway when I saw someone quickly walk into the laundry room. All I saw was a quick flash of a black silhouette. I shouted to them with no response and got up to see who it was because I was bored and wanted to talk to someone. When I looked into the laundry room, no one was there. It was 3am, so not a normal time for people to be out and about in the hallways. 

I figured I was tired. Until I shared the story with other people, who told me they saw strange silhouettes in the hallways. They would also hear people talking in the lounges or things moving around at odd times of the night on weekdays. Some would even hear dryers and washers from the laundry rooms opening and closing. Some people were so scared or convinced that something was there, watching them, messing with them, that they never once left their chairs to rove the rooms or the hallways.

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