Night Voices and the Golden Triangle

A Couple's Campout Gets Invaded


Ray Carril
Date | spring or summer 2008ish/ spring 2016
Location | Freeburg, Illinois/ Taos, New Mexico


When I was 23 or so I was living in my truck and seeing the country living the vagabond life. I had a partner and a dog at that time and we were camped out on the gorge of the Rio Grande right outside of Taos, New Mexico. We were sleeping in the bed of a Chevy S10 with a roof topper turned into house over our heads, so we couldn’t see the sky. We had a window on one of the side panels that opened up but the blind was pulled shut. There was a lady in her car camped out on the same parking area at the end of the dirt road to get there. She had a small smart car looking thing and no blinds or anything, just sleeping in one of the seats I’m guessing.

My partner was sleeping next to me and my dog, Tim, was outside sleeping/ keeping guard as a road dog does. Sometime around midnight I started hearing strange noises outside of the truck. It reminded me of the sound of the predator from the “Alien V Predator” movies would make only not menacing. It sounded as if they were having conversations. I heard multiples of these foreign voices around the edges of the truck and underneath it. At first I tried to logically think about the critters it could have been, but my mind came up blank. The more they purred and clicked at each other the more I got freaked out. I knew it had to be something that wasn’t doing me any harm though, as Tim was not barking.

Anything that approached the truck or wherever we were sleeping Tim would always howl at it to scare it off and run after it if it was something he wanted to chase, but I heard nothing from him. So I figured if Tim was ok with it then it must be ok. I thought about waking my partner up, but I thought if I am already scared of whatever it is why should I wake her up to be scared, too. I realize now this is flawed logic. I sat and listened to them moving around and seemingly under the truck for a couple hours until they eventually went away. The next morning the lady in the car came up to us and said; ” Did you guys see that last night?!” I said no but I had heard some weird noises around the truck. She tells me, “There was a huge gold triangle shaped ship that came and parked right over the gorge above us, it stayed there and just hung out for a couple hours and then flew off.”

I know this story is a lot more spectacle than the first, but it was just as trippy of a feeling as when I saw the lights. Well, those are my two paranormal stories I got, thanks for having such a great podcast and giving people like me the opportunity to share bizarre stories.

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