Neighborhood Vampire

A Late Night Supernatural Run-In


Date | 2013
Location | Coatesville,PA


I’ve always believed in the supernatural for as long as I can remember thanks to my mom, who would often share her own personal encounters with the unknown throughout my childhood, along with us both sharing a love for the original “Unsolved Mysteries”.

However, I never really had any encounters with the paranormal until I reached adulthood. And even then none of them, while spooky, left me feeling particularly in danger as they primarily consisted of things like shadows darting across a room or ghostly footsteps in the guard room of a Civil War era fort I was staying at for a reenactment.

It wasn’t until my ex wife and I moved into a former steel town called Coatesville in 2013 that I had my first real encounter that left me with a sense of impending doom. I had just gotten out of the Army after a three year stint , and was having trouble readjusting to civilian life after my year long combat deployment in Afghanistan.

This resulted in many ,many fights between us both day and night, and I would often go for long walks at all hours just to get away and recollect myself. Now it’s worth noting that Coatesville is a very troubled location. As I mentioned earlier it was a steel town , with Lukens Steel providing most,if not all jobs to the residents. However once the company went out of business,the local economy suffered and crime became extremely prevalent. One could feel the heaviness in the air wherever they went.

The night of my encounter was like any other. My ex and I had gotten into a vicious argument and I had escaped to the relative calm of my neighborhood’s streets for my usual walk, which consisted of making my way around the block two or three times until I felt things had calmed down enough.

Now, our house was on a street that went slightly uphill. Quite frankly it was kind of a difficult walk even though I was in shape at the time. I had finished my third loop of the block and was making my way back when I spotted a dark figure walking ahead of me, seemingly leaving one of the houses that lined the streets.

At this point in my life, I was incredibly hyper vigilant and my eyesight was sharp, so I found it incredibly odd that this person managed to avoid my detection even at night.

Nevertheless, I continued walking, keeping my eyes on the figure the whole time in case they were up to no good. Then out of absolutely nowhere,I felt a wave of utter terror, anxiety and dread wash over me. It was at this point that I was able to fully make out this individual as they walked under the dim street light.

They appeared to be wearing a large black hoodie or coat, with the slightly pointed hood portion completely obscuring their face. It wasn’t until they began making slow flapping motions with the ends that I realized it was a cloak- this being unusual in that A. It was summertime and B. More importantly, there was no one in Coatesville who would be caught wearing a cloak or cape.

Worst of all, I couldn’t tell whether they were walking away from me or towards me. It almost seemed like they were walking in place. The sidewalk suddenly got longer. Time slowed down. The fear and dread I felt pulsating throughout my entire being grew worse and worse. Especially after I felt myself involuntarily walking towards this being. I physically couldn’t stop despite my best efforts.

At this point I began praying to God to deliver me from this being’s grasp. After what felt like an eternity, it seemed to have worked. The sidewalk returned to it’s normal length. The fear slowly subsided. Time resumed at it’s normal speed. I regained control of my body, and more importantly the being began to move away and eventually faded away into the darkness.

Once I was sure it was gone, I bolted the rest of the way up the hill back to my house and pounded on the front door until my wife let me in. It wasn’t until I started thinking about the whole ordeal that I realized that this thing had materialized outside of MY house

To this day I believe that all the negative energy from the fighting drew this entity to my home like the Bat Signal. I’m not entirely sure if it left for good, as the fights continued long after I saw it physically manifest itself. Perhaps it did so to let me know it was there and intended to wreak more havoc. But ultimately I’ll never know. But one thing is for certain; I never, ever want to feel that way again.

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