3.13 | Mysteries of Nahanni, Valley of the Headless Men

From an ancient land of untouched country, cradled by the mists of the Mackenzie Mountains, strange tales have been regularly recorded.

For thousands of years, the Dene people have encountered terrifying creatures and wandering spirits, harbored in the hauntingly beautiful lands of the Nahanni Valley.

The Nakani – the cave-dwelling, man-eating giants of Dene lore are said to skulk just beyond the campfire, while prospectors tell stories of prehistoric monsters said to roam amongst bubbling hot springs within elusive tropical corners of this frosty land.

And gold-thirsty men have met mysterious ends in pursuit of cursed treasure said to lie beneath the alluvial waters of the South Nahanni.

On this episode of Belief Hole, grab your paddle, mount your canoe, and venture with us downriver as we explore the mysteries, murders, and monsters within the legendary land of Nahanni, Valley of the Headless Men.

Also… evil-smelling hair, Bigfoot hot tubs, and Jon plays with his poison ivy goo


3:25 | Topic Introduction – Curse and Creatures of the Nahanni Valley of the Headless Men, or Deadman Valley
9:22 | Valley Protected from Glacial Advances – Prehistoric Sanctuary for Mammoths and more!
13:15 | Otterman, Glacial Demons, Native Spirits  and more in Expansion!
15:15 | Nakani – Red-eyed Cannibal Giant / Bigfoot of Nahanni
18:23 | RecommendationLegends of the Nahanni Valley – Hammerson Peters
18:49 | Dene Legends: evil spirits, cave giants, mysterious disappearance of the Naha
22:03 | Nahanni Caves – Entrance to the inner earth, underground city?
23:41 | Jeremy’s National Park Containment Theory
25:40 | Nahanni National Park Official Warning
29:06 | Expansion Preview / Glacier Demon / Monsters of the Great White North
34:53 | Describing Nahanni – location of the Headless Valley
38:11 | Meet the McLeod brothers
39:55 | The Story of the Headless Valley begins
55:06 | Martin Jorgensen’s mysterious death
58:52 | Strange Flash-Frozen Death of John O’Brien
1:01:06 | Frost Madness and paranoia of ‘The Others’
1:03:00 | Mysterious Disappearance of May Lafferty
1:05:53 | Containment Theory and Hammerson Peters Nahanni Wrap Up 

Monsters of Nahanni and the Great White North - Podcast



Fascinating Vintage Documentary on Nahanni

Headless Valley (Mel and Ethel Ross, 1958)

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