4.10 | Montauk Project – the Real Stranger Things

Jul 3, 2022 | 0 comments


00:00 | Introduction - The Montauk Project
2:35 | Overview - Montauk Project, Stranger Things, MKUltra, Philidelphia Experiment, Time Travel and Psychic Experiments
9:00 | Montauk, Long Island - Setting the Scene
12:30 | DISCLAIMER - not for Kids
13:00 | MKUltra, Holmesburg Prison horrors and government coverups
16:50 | Project Stargate
17:40 | Stranger Things and Jurassic World Tangent!
21:00 | Camp Here and Montauk Air force Base background
23:36 | The Book - The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time | Preston Nichols and Peter Moon
24:32 | Telepathic wave - The beginning of Preston's Discovery of the conspiracy and exploring the base
35:00 | Duncan Cameran is Introduced, deprogramming reveals betrayel
41:00 | Fact or Fiction conversation
44:13 | Philedelphia Expirement
48:25 | John Von Neumann, Einstein, Tesla, Wilhelm Rieck & Project Phoenix (Precursor to Montauk)
51:23 | Expansion Introduction - The real Eleven, Future Predictions, and Conspiracy Trivia!
54:01 | Expansion Preview - Reptilians at Montauk, the Real Eleven, and Future Predicitons
59:42 | The Montauk Chair, Psychotronic Experiments, and Time Travel Technology48:25
1:10:30 | Montauk Monster | Beast from the Id
1:24:24 | Barry Goldwater / UFO / Write Patterson
1:25:26 | Evidence / Footage - Montauk Underground Base - Brian Minnick

For the last 50 years, the quaint, coastal village of Montauk has been haunted by a dark legend. Whispers carry through the town of secret military projects, bizarre creatures, portals to other times, and still stranger things.

On this episode of Belief Hole, join us as we explore government mind control and psychic experiments, hidden underground facilities and time travel technology, and endeavor to unravel fact from fiction within the extreme and controversial claims of the Montauk Project.


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Strange Disappearances & Missing People's Bizarre Experiences


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Holmesburg Prison Experiments| Holmesburg Prison Experiments

Holmesburg Prison Experiments 1| Holmesburg Prison Experiments

Acid House (Tie Dye Room)| Acid House (Tie Dye Room)

Tie Dye Room ( Ceiling/Wall )| Tie Dye Room (Ceiling/Wall)

Tie Dye Room (Outlet cover)
| Tie Dye Room (Outlet cover)

Acid House | Psychedelic Wallpaper| Acid House (Psychedelic Wallpaper)


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