Midnight Mustang

A Perennial Ghost Car Appears Every New Year's Eve


Date | Reoccurring over the last 25 years
Location | Everywhere


My older brother once did his science fair project on ESP (extrasensory perception), he used us siblings as Guinea pigs. I was 11 at the time, and this all started in Perry, Georgia. His favorite game to play was “what color car is going to come around the bend?” It was fun, I usually could tell what it was with some accuracy… Anyways, that was my first year I was allowed to stay awake for midnight on New Year’s Eve, and as I looked out the window, I noticed a red mustang convertible pass the house. Ever since then, every year at the stroke of midnight I see this car. It’s become a tradition for me. Even one year, driving through the grapevine in California, at the stroke of midnight, out of nowhere, there was my car! Ok, to continue: one New Years Eve, I wanted to show a guy that I wasn’t crazy.. So again, I’m in the middle of nowhere Georgia and it was foggy as hell and 70 degrees at midnight, I race down the driveway of my parents house to see down the road to the intersection, and there’s my car passing by! I turn around to see if the guy had seen it too, but he wasn’t there. So now I’m in a dark culdesac in thick-ass fog with one light illuminating the shadows. 

Then, In front of me, this hulking shadow starts walking towards me out of the fog, A huge, black and furry outline, kinda like a black bear, had wandered into view. It began growing thicker and taller and the feeling of dread turned my feet ice cold, I ran back down the driveway and ran into the guy I had tried showing my car off to. 

I Never went outside after dark there again… anyways my New Years tradition still holds strong, every year at the stroke of midnight, I see my red mustang convertible :/ that hulking figure is another story, but I tend to be long winded and yeah :) thank you for even listening to my story

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