Some years back when I first moved out of home, I relocated to Canberra. After a few weeks of getting settled in I became friends with someone from the local spiritualist church. One evening at one of their gatherings, I was approached by a lady who claimed to be a medium, she asked me how long have I had my ability. I was kinda taken aback and asked her what she was referring to, she said I had an ability to help sick animals and that I should put it to good use. Well, of course I didn’t really believe that was true. I love animals, for sure, but a spiritual healer? I was bemused and a little puzzled. A few days later I got a phone call from a woman who I didn’t know, she said she was friends with someone from the spiritualist group and that she had a sick poodle, would I please come and see him. I could hear the desperation in her voice so agreed but said I’d never tried it before and there were no guarantees I could help. Upon arriving at her place I was greeted by an older poodle who was very friendly despite having arthritis and asthma. I sat on the floor against the sofa and this dear little pup just curled up on my lap like he knew! All I did was rest my hands on him, closed my eyes and tried to visualize healing energy passing through me to him, but I had this nagging doubt in the back of my head, I was quite skeptical about my ability. After about 10 minutes the dog decided to wander off, my host made me a cuppa and we chatted about what I did and I once again reiterated that it might’nt do anything, but she was desperate to try as the medication from the vet didn’t seem to help him much anymore. I suggested that she keep him on the medication, because without it he may be worse off. About a week had passed and she rang me back all excited about how ‘he’s like a new dog’, she had reduced his asthma medication considerably and he didn’t seem to be in as much pain! Well, I was dumbfounded! We had a few more sessions, but I still didn’t believe this ability was coming from me. I believe it came from a higher power.
My stay in Canberra was short lived after getting a job offer back in Victoria, closer to home, but I’ll always remember this moment in my life, I never talked about it to anyone, but I always make a point of patting anyone’s dog if it’s friendly and approches me first.

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