Man in the Mirror

 Witchcraft and entity attack in McMillan, Michigan


Austin Gage
| Around 20 years ago
Location | McMillan, Michigan


This happened to my great uncle when I was a young child, and the story has been corroborated by multiple family members several times throughout my life, so I’ll try to retell it the way I always heard it, but fair warning I’m not sure how much has been exaggerated because my uncle does not like to talk about it at all.

So, my uncle’s wife at the time was really into the occult and witchcraft, and she would supposedly summon different spirits. My grandparents told me she would refer to them as “her friends”. It started small, with toys moving themselves, or operating without batteries. Their kids were pretty young at the time, and would tell my grandparents and father that they were afraid of her, and that she could do things like place her palms flat on the top of the table and lift it off the floor.

I’m not sure what caused the worst of it, some sort of family drama, or maybe maybe filing for divorce, I think, but one day my uncle was sleeping on his couch and something grabbed him.

He looked up, and this guy with a flannel on was pulling him down the hallway by his hair. This thing was manifested enough that he was able to reach up and hit it, at which point it dropped him.

When he stood up, it was looking at him from the other side of a mirror they had hanging up at the end of the hall. Supposedly there was a drawing of a couple stick figures on the back.

After this, he would sleep at my grandparents house, and when he was home he would just sit on the couch with a shotgun staring at the mirror.

I’m not sure why it stopped, or if he moved when it stopped, but around this time was also my first encounter of a shadow person, which I’m not sure if it was related or not.

Fast forward about 10 years, he’s remarried, new child, and almost forgot about the incident.

He then gets a random phone call and voice message out of the blue, and this I heard, which is partly how I found out about these events.

The voice message had a lot of static and you couldn’t really make out what was said. What you could hear was a woman’s voice, saying something about “the flock of Satan is coming” somewhere or for someone, which shook him up for a while.

Thanks for reading my story, I love your show. I found it about 3 weeks ago and listen to it all day at work, and I’ve almost binged the whole series. Keep up the good work.

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