Leshy from the Thinning Veil

Fleeting Worlds


Date | October- November 2021
Location | East Texas



I’ll preface this with explaining that once in a while I will use a low dose of mushrooms, but I don’t approach this in a recreational manner. The intention is always spiritual in nature, because I firmly believe that they allow your mind to perceive another… layer of reality, so to speak. I don’t know how familiar y’all are with this, but doses I’ve taken are around 1.5 grams, which would be considered a therapeutic dose for psychedelic assisted therapy. With this, colors will become more vivid and things will begin to resemble a watercolor painting, but you will not hallucinate something that’s not actually there. So, unfortunately, no surprise unicorns popping into your field of vision. I’ll leave that for the braver psychonauts.

I’ll also note that there’s a few women I’ll mention in this story, and we all have a couple commonalities. All of us would consider ourselves spiritual, though our belief systems differ. We also all have extensive experience working in the mental health and substance abuse field, and are well educated on symptoms of mental illness, etc. I think we would all also consider ourselves nerds, and consistently will attempt to debunk our more woo-woo experiences. It’s an odd, fine line we all seem to constantly walk in our day-to-day lives. When I do this, there is a trusted friend I always do this with, and we visit this same spot in my local nature preserve. About a year ago I had gone on one of these adventures, and saw what I can best describe as “fairy lights” that seemed to be connected to the trees. They did not interact with me, and they would go out a bit over this pond but always seemed to gravitate back to their respective trees. When I explained my experience later to my Pagan friend, she believed I had seen what she would call dryads, or tree spirits.


Around Halloween, we went back to this same spot. Up until this point, her and I had been completely relaxed and enjoying the day. We were sitting at the table, and I was in a meditative state and mentally “calling out” to whatever I had seen before just to see if I could pick up on it again. Her and I had both noticed that the pond looked larger and different somehow, almost like there were two different realms of reality sitting on top of each other. I don’t really know how to describe it other than that area almost feels thin, like a portal or something. 

I suddenly felt an almost physical push back on my forehead and heard a voice saying that I shouldn’t be there. At first, I thought maybe I had offended whatever was there by intruding somehow. I told my friend that I had gone “too far,” though I wasn’t really sure what that meant. I told her last time that that spot felt sacred to somebody. Now that I think about it, it’s really odd that in an entire field with no trees, there’s a pond surrounded by trees. That in itself is stuff out of folklore.

So, right after this, I suddenly noticed this concrete slab with railings that seemed to be overlooking something. Between the railings there was a set of stairs going down into whatever it was looking into. Because of the hill though, I couldn’t see what was below. I told her that I had never seen that before and at first she was insistent that it had always been there. She asked me if I wanted to check it out, and I said yes.

As she and I were walking toward it, we stopped at the same time. The Oz Factor suddenly kicked in. It felt a lot like a lightning strike that had struck very close, like there was electricity in the air. I heard a very loud buzzing or whirring sound, and everything was deathly silent but that noise. The air felt thick, and I suddenly felt the most primal fear I’ve ever felt in my life. It felt a lot like what I’m sure an antelope feels like when they suddenly spot a lioness stalking toward them in the grass. In my mind’s eye, I envisioned what I can only describe as a yellowish, thick, rolling fog moving through the trees and toward us. I looked at her and said, we need to leave right now. She said I feel it too, and yes we need to leave. NOW. Whatever that was felt ancient, gigantic, and almost like a part of the forest itself. It was near sunset, but it very quickly got dark and we both had the distinct sensation that we were in real danger.

What’s odd about it is, we both saw this concrete slab with railings. But she saw beyond it was another pond with a man standing in the middle of it not moving. While I could not see what was beyond the railings because the hill was obstructing it. I feel like whatever this was was trying to lure us over there, and it presented something different to each of us that would make us most curious. You hear all these stories about people disappearing in the woods, and I suspect that it’s probably whatever that was or something similar that makes those things happen. I believe that if we had ignored that feeling and kept walking, no one would have seen us again. She also said that at first when she saw it, she believed it had always been there but realized afterward that it most definitely had not been. Almost like whatever was trying to draw us there was trying to give a sense of security we shouldn’t have had. 

Now, with that message of, you shouldn’t be here. I wonder if that was actually them telling me that it was not safe to be there at that time. And if I hadn’t heard that right before, I wouldn’t have had my guard up when we started walking toward the concrete slab and railings. Whatever that was felt so incredibly dangerous and predatory that I hope I never run into it again. I’ve heard about a similar feeling with other cryptid sightings, but I totally feel that whatever this was could have eaten Bigfoot for lunch. 

Now, before this had happened, my friend had given me a black tourmaline pendant, which is a stone used for protection. When we left, it was missing. When we had gone in, all the flower beds were dead, but when we were leaving there were several vines of blooming passion flowers. On the drive home, we passed a shop that had most certainly not been there when we’d left. 

We got home, and explained to our Pagan friend what had happened. She initially dismissed it, but the next day took the kids out for trick or treating. She then freaked, saying they had been there yesterday and the shop had not been there. 

We’ve gone back to the preserve since, and…. that slab and railings are now there. We all visit often, and we’ve all confirmed that it had certainly not been there before because that field is used for disc golf. Upon the advice of my Pagan friend, we brought a gift of fruit and honey for the nature spirits that gave this warning. Honestly, I felt a bit silly at first putting it down, but felt it couldn’t hurt. I kid you not, as soon as we put it down and turned around the way we’d just came, that pendant that had gone missing was right at our feet. Despite it being a month between visits and several days of rain, there it was. It wasn’t dirty or buried in leaves. 

Now, I can’t explain any of this. Before all this had happened, I’d really never considered the existence of nature spirits. With everything with the physical changes, did we just so happen to be in the right place at the right time and witness some kind of dimensional shift? These things individually I might be able to dismiss, especially if there hadn’t been others to corroborate the experiences. But all of this collectively has me questioning the nature of reality.

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