It Stole My Sister

A Game of Consequences


Date | Over a period of years
Location | Massachusetts


This is the first and most likely last time I will ever tell this story. I’ve always been fascinated by the occult and how mysterious the world around us can be. So, one Christmas, when I was a teenager, my father gave me a Ouija board as a present. 

I wasn’t very interested in the thing, honestly, but my younger sister was. She ended up stealing it and going off and using it by herself. She was only a kid at the time, so she didn’t know better, and I didn’t believe they were as dangerous as people say.

It started as little things; an object would go missing and we’d tear up the apartment looking only to find it in the middle of a room we previously searched. 

My sister began to have nightmares and express fear. I thought she was just being a little kid with an imagination. She would go stay at her dad’s house on weekend’s. Since my room, being in the basement, would get cold, I would go and sleep in her room when she was gone. 

One night, I settled down on her bed and began to doze off when suddenly I was woken up by scratching and banging from the inside of her closet. I laid there for minutes listening and trying to process what was happening. That’s when I noticed she had barricaded the closet, so whatever it was couldn’t get out. 

Needless to say, I went back to my basement room to sleep. 

This entity terrorized my sister to the extreme and when I look back I can’t help but blame myself for having the board in the first place. My mom tried hanging crosses on her door, hanging dream catchers, and most regrettably, she broke the board in two and threw it away.

My sister would tell me she would hear someone crying and walking around late at night in the basement. I never heard or saw it.

Eventually, we grew up and both went our own ways, but the entity never left my sister alone. We used to be so close- to an unheard of extent in siblings – we never fought.

When my grandmother passed, we inherited her home, the house we grew up in. I saged and purified the space, but before I did, I could sense something trying to work its way in. 

Then my twins were born and I made sure that thing could not come anywhere near my home. I decided I wanted to help my sister and rid her of it because of my guilt, but I knew I couldn’t unless she was ready and really wanted it. 

The thing started going to my sister as my grandmother and telling her lies to pull us apart, it used our dysfunctional narcissistic living family members, and my sister’s fear, to pull us apart, and now we no longer speak. She doesn’t know my children. She’s met them once since they were born. They just started kindergarten. I am full of regrets and sadness because, before my kids, she was everything to me, and I keep picturing the beautiful little girl she was, and I can’t even put into words the pain of losing her and seeing her become a different person. 

Since the cleansing the demon has only come to me once in a dream to taunt me about its success in convincing my sister that it is indeed my grandmother reaching out to her from beyond. 

I was able to protect myself and my little family, but I also failed HER. I know it wouldn’t change my mind back when I was oblivious, but please please do not use Ouija boards. Opening up that gateway with an invitation was my biggest regret. I lost one of my best friends, and that hole is felt every day.

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