It Eats Children

A Man is Haunted by a House


Date | Unknown
Location | House / Middle of Nowhere


At my ex-wife‘s parents’ house, when I lived there with her briefly, our daughter would go in the laundry room that was in the basement and stare up in the corner and say “baby baby baby!” and “It eats children!” and point, all the time, in the same spot.  In the corner of the ceiling. After a while, I started having these nightmares of this house out in the middle of nowhere. It was so vivid that I could smell the hay outside and the must and dust in the house. I would be in the house, and there was a specific room in the house that was pitch black. If you started walking towards it or if you were on the floor above it, it would make you freeze to where you couldn’t move, and couldn’t scream.

Then, suddenly, you would get knocked down by some unseen force and some shadowy figure would grab you and start dragging you towards it. I also would have nightmares of the same black shadowy figure outside the window, and after a while.. everyone in the house started having the exact same nightmares about the same house and the same shadowy figure. Everyone was really scared, and we couldn’t figure out why this was happening.

We got divorced a few years ago and I have not had that dream since I left that house. I’m convinced there’s something in that house that is more or less haunting them.

This summer I was traveling for work and I took a detour through a town thinking I might find some cool photo opportunities, and I stumbled across this abandoned farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere in northeast Colorado, and almost crapped my pants because it was exactly the house from my dreams. I even took pictures and sent them to the ex-wife and she freaked out too! It was perfectly identical down to the last detail.

I got back in my car and I drove through the night without stopping, not wanting to be anywhere near that place. 

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