Invaders in the Woods

A young man who follows a light into the Alabama woods is loses time and his dog


Jeremy B.
Date | 2010/11
Location | Alabama


I live in Alabama, and used to live in the woods, with about three miles of just trees and side roads in one direction, and about a mile of trees in the other, before you finally hit civilization. Not extremely isolated, but enough that several weird things happened throughout my childhood there. One night, I heard my dogs start barking at something, which wasn’t exactly uncommon, but what was weird was the sudden silence. It was all at once, with no follow-up, single bark that they usually do as a final threat or something.

I got curious, got out of bed, (it was around 2 in the morning at the time), and walked out on my porch. Our porch was about five feet off the ground, and I was about five feet tall. I looked around, called for my dogs, and didn’t hear anything. So I thought, ‘I guess they hit the woods, maybe chasing a rabbit, who knows?’ So i turned to walk back inside, and saw a light in the woods. This light was about eye level with me, and the source was just out of sight. It looked like a single car light on bright, and was steadily blinking. About the speed of one of those cell towers. I even thought that. That maybe it was a cell tower that they added that I never noticed. But that was stupid. This thing was just beyond the tree line, and bright as hell. And it was at eye level, no tower is that short, a mere ten feet or so off the ground.
Here is the weird part, and the part that most people quit listening..

I remember noticing my dogs sitting just beyond the tree lines, or maybe lying down, I can’t be sure. And I remember hearing something walk. I don’t know what it was, or how many there was, but I heard footsteps that sounded human walking through the leaves. And I remember seeing something. I know I saw something, but I can’t remember what I saw. What I do remember, is realizing what I was seeing.. and then going back to bed. I know I was seeing a ship or something abnormal, and I just went to bed, ignoring it instead of waking someone up. Why would I do that?

I woke up the next morning confused as hell. Why didn’t I wake up my parents? I even questioned if I had dreamed it or not. This is the part that is fucked up, my feet were muddy as hell, like I had been walking outside, but i haven’t left the porch. And one of my dogs was missing and we haven’t seen her since. I Finally told my family, but I don’t think they believed me.

I was around 16 or 17 then and now I’m 27 and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Well, what I can remember. But since that night, I’ve had nightmares about things that I don’t like to think about, and a scar on my side that I don’t remember getting. I have keloids, so my scars are huge if they go deep. Deep Enough for stitches. So the fact that I got a new scar around that time that I don’t remember getting always bothered me. So yeah, just wanted to share that story with y’all.

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