Hunters Become the Hunted

A Truck is Chased by a Terrifying Creature


Howard Hawkins
Date | 2018
Location | Washington State


It was 2018 during late elk season, my hunting party and I were leaving the area known as goat marsh near mount St. Helens. It was just after dusk as we descended the mountain towards the main road . I suddenly had the feeling that we were being watched , i felt an urge to turn around and look but i didn’t see anything .I looked in all directions still nothing but as we turned onto the main road going through the town of cougar i turned my head to the back of the truck and in the light below the street lamp i could see something chasing us!!! . I was in shock. I couldn’t move, fear had taken over. I tried to speak, to tell my buddy to look behind us, but I couldn’t. What I saw still stirs in my head every time I drive up that mountain. 

And thank God I have not seen it since . All I could describe it as was a tall naked white skinned human looking entity probably 7 feet tall with arms that stretched down to its knees sprinting probably 40 feet behind the truck. From what I could tell, it did not have a face, just a smooth bald head. Every time it would run in the light, it would seem to disappear and then reappear just as it would pass the light . As we sped up it seemed to not be able to keep up, and within a quarter mile I could not see it anymore . I asked my buddy if he had seen what I saw and he said, “Why do you think I was driving so fast?!” He said that it was keeping up with us up to 40 mph. 

We have done some research, but have not found anything relating to this . We still discuss the topic every once in a while . Thank you for taking the time to read this. -Howard Hawkins

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