Humanoid Hitchhiker

Grinning ‘Crawler’ Chases Man.


Jennifer Golden

Date Submitted
| Summer, 2010, 10/11PM
Location | Livingston, Montana


I found your podcast and have been binging it at work for the last few days.. and I have a story for you. Actually, it’s my husband, Anthony’s story. 

This took place probably ten years ago in Livingston, Montana. About a half an hour from where we live now. It was a summer night and he’d just gotten off his shift at the local Dairy Queen. He was walking home when it happened. 

It was getting late, probably approaching 10 or 11, when he was passing by a park and some surrounding fields. Suddenly, he saw something moving from the corner of his eye. He didn’t want to look but, of course, he did. A gangly pale thing was running on all fours, coming up fast next to him. Its body was gnarled and twisted to seem upside down- but with its head twisted upright. Anthony started bolting down the street and this thing kept up with him the whole time.. but never looked towards the road; it kept its head unnaturally turned towards Anthony, with black eyes and a wide grin, as it kept effortlessly parallel, still on all fours with Anthony, no matter how fast he ran.  

He ended up coming upon the neighborhood where he lived, and eventually the thing ran off. 

I actually was scrolling around Reddit a couple of weeks ago- I think it was actually on the crawler encounters subreddit (I’m absolutely fascinated by the supernatural/cryptids and I read the stories just to terrify myself) Anthony always called this thing a demon. But as I scrolled through that sub, Anthony was seeing depictions of what people saw. And he said, “That is EXACTLY what I saw.” I kept scrolling, but for him it was confirmed, he believes that it was a ‘crawler’ that he saw. Humanoid, pale, nearly emaciated. Long limbs. Black eyes.

He has told me there was a house he lived in in Utah (Salt Lake area) where weird things happened just constantly. The typical knocks, cabinet doors opening and closing, and electric weirdness. He and his siblings would see humanoid shadows dancing on walls when they laid in their beds at night. Their youngest brother used to see an old man. There was even a time where something growled to Anthony, “Do you want out?” Yuck. No thanks. 

In Montana, near where we live, there’s a place called the Hyalite reservoir nestled in a mountain range. People go camping there often and there’s lots of backroads and trails that branch off into the mountains. Maybe about 4 years ago, Anthony and a couple of his friends went camping and fishing one for a night. They were chatting, cracking open a few beers.. when a boy appeared (maybe around 8-10 years old)he was pale, wet, and looked bloodied up. He was silently staring at them from maybe 100 ft away. They yelled out, “Are you okay?” And the boy turned into the woods and walked off. Anthony has told me he felt like he knew it was a ghost, and didn’t even want to bother with it, and just hoped he didn’t see it again. I tried to look up articles of deaths at Hyalite, and couldn’t really come up with much. 

I completely believe Anthony- he doesn’t talk about this stuff much. But, I don’t know why it’s happened to him and not to me. Maybe when you grow up in houses dealing with that, you become sensitive to future paranormal circumstances. 

I’ll hit you guys up if he tells me anything more! 


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