Hulder Folk Party

A Wild Halloween Campout


Rune Kjalarsblod Skorstad Pettersen Fjeseth
Date | 2008
Location | Norway


This story happened to me and my best friend, one hallows Eve. We had decided that a bonfire and a night out would be just the thing we needed. We went to a lake where we knew there was a lean-to and made camp there. In a short amount of time we had a fire going and were ready to watch the stars and moon trek across the sky until early morning. After shooting the breeze for a few hours and sharing some spit roasted meat we both started hearing music. We both got quiet at that point, just listening. As we listened I could swear the music got closer and eventually it sounded like it was just beyond the tree line. Then we both heard a voice declaring “there is no-one here when the party is over”! I looked over at my friend and his wide-eyed, pale expression said it all. We said nothing, just gathered all our things, put out the fire and ran for the car. When we got to it we just tossed all the things in the backseat and got home. Neither of us said a word and after I dropped him off we didn’t talk for 2 days.

When we spoke again, we were reminded about a story both my grandfather and his father had told us about the people that live in the mountains, the ‘undergrounders’ as we call them. They told us that once a year they get out from underground and have a party, and if you hear them you will be so enthralled that you will join them. And if you do not get out before dawn they will take you with them.

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