Hawaiian Succubus

A young man is confronted by a sensual spirit


Date | 1996
Location | Salem, Oregon


In 1996 Living in Portland where I am from, I went to visit my mother who lived in Salem at the time. I had spent half my life living in Hawaii and my step father was Hawaiian and had a lot of spirits around. Crazy things were always happening. VCRs turning in and playing movies while unplugged. TVs turning on after going to bed. I Even saw orbs along a cliff in a remote part of Hawaii.

So, to the night of the shadow entity. I was sleeping on the couch that night while visiting my step father. I was about 15 years old. I’m 40 now, but I remember it like it was last night. I had a dream that I can’t remember much except for a voice, saying that “there are spirits here”….. and I woke up. I couldn’t breath and a black shadow figure was holding me down. Not in an angry way- I wasn’t hurt. But I couldn’t breath, and couldn’t move. I could feel that it was pushing in my chest, not allowing me to move as I struggled. And it was kissing me softly on my face and lips. Then everything suddenly stopped. This was late in the night. My parents were in the other room, sleeping. Nobody else was in the house. I fell back asleep and when I work in the morning, I was laying in the opposite direction on the couch than when I fell asleep.

I told my step father because, like I mentioned, he has spirits around him. He even leaves an open beer out when drinking to this day, it’s for his “friend”…. He told me not to worry, “seems like the spirit was a local (Hawaiian) female spirit that liked you”.

And “if she wanted to hurt you, she would have”….

Well that’s my story. Thank you for reading.

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