Hauned in Scottsdale

Small Humanoids and Voices on Baby Monitors


Date | over the past several years
Location | Scottsdale, Arizona


Our home is in the far northern end of Scottsdale Arizona. We are just two miles from the twin towns of Cave Creek and Carefree. The home was built around 2001 and sits on an acre of land – no close neighbors.

Very early on, several strange things would happen from time to time, but they were all very subtle. I’ll focus on just a couple of the more dramatic ones here.

This first one takes place about 8 years ago or so. My wife and I have four sons. At the time they were all living at home. Our house is shaped like a U with a courtyard in the middle. Two of my sons’ bedrooms had French doors opening onto the courtyard.

One night, I couldn’t sleep. So, I went into the living room to read so as not to disturb my wife. I was reading a book on my iPad and had left the lights off. Only the two hall lights were on.

From where I sat, I could clearly see the door to my son’s room and I could see the frame of the bathroom door directly across the hall. As I was reading, I heard my son’s bedroom door creak open (it had been closed when I sat down). I assumed he was either going into the bathroom or coming into the kitchen to get a snack.

I didn’t look up when I heard the door open, but I was expecting him to turn on one of the two lights. After a few seconds when neither the bathroom nor the kitchen lights came on, I looked up, curious to see what he was doing.

His bedroom door was now open and it was dark inside his room. I was puzzled and trying to figure out where he could have gone. Suddenly, I saw a short humanoid figure dart from the bathroom into his bedroom. As it passed the threshold, the door swung back to close. However, it was as if whoever tried to close the door didn’t push it hard enough. Instead of closing, the door simply swung enough to bounce off the door frame without latching and then rebounded open a couple of inches.

I ABSOLUTELY saw the figure and the motion of the door. The figure was odd. It was probably 3 to 4 feet tall. Clearly human. However it was a medium gray in color and translucent — I could see the details of the hallway and light filtering through it. Not only this, but it had this flickering effect, almost like watching a flame.

I sprung up thinking someone/something was in the house. My son’s door was ajar and I swung it fully open and turned on his light. He was face down in bed asleep. I looked in the closet and under the bed. Then I thought perhaps some one had come in the French doors, but when I checked the doors the deadbolt was still locked. You cannot lock the deadbolt without a key from the outside. (Second Account Continued Below)

haunting in Scottsdale-Jerry-listener-stroies-belief-hole-podacst-2

I was not home for the next episode. It took place about four or five years ago. By this time, my older son had gotten married and was a new father. His wife and baby were staying with us for a few weeks while some work was being done on their home.

One night, three of my sons (including the father) and my wife were enjoying the stars around our fire pit. His wife was visiting her parents and the baby was asleep in the nursery.

Over the baby monitor, my older son heard his baby stirring. He went inside to check on him. He said when he walked in the house it had this strange feeling like someone had just been there. The feeling made him a bit anxious so he rushed to the nursery. When he opened the door, he said a woman with a husky voice said “Hey! You!” It sounded as if the person were only a foot or two in front of him in the dark room. He turned on the light, but no one was there.

He looked around quickly, wrapped the baby in a blanket and walked back out to the fire. When he got there, my wife and my other two son’s looked at him in stunned silence. He started to tell the story, but my wife interrupted him and told him, “We all heard it,” meaning they had all heard the “Hey! You!” over the baby monitor.

Shortly after this, my fourth son came home. They told him the story. He said it was likely the baby monitor had picked up some random radio or telephone conversation. However, this would be impossible b/c while the monitor had a speaker outside where the family was seated, there was no speaker inside the baby’s room. If it were radio interference, only my wife and other sons could have heard it outside. The father would not have heard the voice inside the nursery.

The third story I’ll share, early last year, my youngest son moved out of the house. My wife and I were empty nesters. One night, we were in our bedroom. She was watching television and I was reading.

Suddenly I became aware of a voice speaking down the hallway in one of the bedrooms (the bedroom adjacent to the former nursery). My wife turned to me and said, “Do you hear that?” I said yes, but I had absently been thinking it was my son talking to someone in his room. Then it struck me that he no longer lives in the house. I jumped up to see who it was. As soon as my feet hit the floor a whistle came from just outside our bedroom door. I ran to the doorway. When I got there, another whistle came from the kitchen (it’s on the opposite side of the house probably 30-feet away.My wife said, “What is that?” I told her I didn’t know. But I said out loud, “Whoever you are, we don’t want to play.” Nothing has happened since, and I hope nothing else does. Thank you.

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