3.15 | Strange Listener Stories 11

Haunted Mirrors, Shapeshifting Horsemen, and Whispers of Witchcraft

You’ve been given the key. The front door creaks closed to lock you in for the first time. All is well in your new home.. until odd things begin to happen. Whispers from your child’s room- secret conversations with someone who isn’t there.. The discovery of bricked-up tunnels that hide the footprints of strange, nocturnal visitors.

From shapeshifting horsemen on dusty reservation roads, to ghostly children giggling in the wood, we explore the reality hidden just beyond the veil.

So latch the windows tightly. Draw the curtains and turn down the lights, as we present to you, curious listener, these true paranormal tales of the inexplicable and the unknown.

..Also.. Jeremy’s Brain Rug, The Robustness of Horses, and The Magical Closet of Stonewood St.


7:19 | Man in the Mirror | Austin Gage| Story
11:44 | Haunted mirror rituals, John Dee, Scrying and Enochian Magic
13:29 | Witchcraft and Dark Charms of the Occult | Expansion Episode Discussion
15:58 | The House in Rochester | Robert Drach | Story
27: 30| The Horseman Cometh | Shane | Story
33:10 | Horseman Corroboration – Pooka, Tikblaang
36:55 | Banshee of Glensidhe | Dave | Story
42:39 | Whispers and Witches on Fawn Ave. | Jason Valentine | Story
49:57 | Underground Tunnels and Deadbolt Doors | Robert Allen | Story
55:52 | Reluctant Messenger (Phantom Shift) | Daniel | Story
1:03:19 | MIB among the bamboo | Laurie | Story
1:12:59 | Expansion and Patron thank yous

Witchcraft, Magic & Dark Charms of the Occult - Podcast



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