On this specific night I went to sleep early due to having a really bad migraine which I think contributed to this event. I’m still not sure to this day if I was asleep or awake but about 10 minutes into “sleeping”( it’s like I was psychically asleep but mentally awake?). My eyes were closed but I could hear and see everything with my eyes closed, the whole layout of my house was visible. Including my family who was also sleeping at the time and I could also see myself. It was like I was in the sky looking down sort of like the doll houses with no roofs. I noticed Milo (my cat) was trying to push open my door ,he slept with me usually but this night he slept in the living room. I could see the door shaking with every paw and push as he attempted to get in. He was also meowing and yelling franticly, as if trying to get anyone’s attention . at one point I attempted to go back or control my sleeping body but I couldn’t wake up. It was weird because at times i was in my body but other times I was above trying to get back to my body. When I was in my body I couldn’t move and I was stuck laying ,staring at the corner of my room.
But i could still physically see everything in the house. Every room ,every door. At this point I noticed my mom walking out and I could hear my mom call milo from her hallway. During this time milo use to yell or meow to let us know he wanted to go outside, so I assume she thought he wanted to go out. I watched as she walked to the back door to let Milo out and call his name for him to come but he didn’t go, he was persistent on trying to get into my room. I’m not sure how long it was before I was finally able to snap out of it , when I eventually did I ran to open my door. But my cat was no longer there.
To this day I’m not sure how to perceive what happened to me, I refer to it as a possible astral projection. I’ve also told this story to my friends, when I told them what had happened to me they saw it as a possible near death experience and that milo was trying to help me or was trying to help me stay anchored to my body to prevent me from leaving.
I always had a close connection to him, he’d speak to me and come when called like a dog. When I was sad he would be next to me and wait till I stopped crying. I always felt like we were connected and this event made me view it in another light.
Also I believe at one point I attempted to message my sister in the middle of what was happening, I’m not sure how or when. But when i snapped out of it and opened my phoned I saw this. attached screenshot below.

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