About two years ago my Blue heeler I had had since I was around 12 was hit by a car and killed (at the time of this story I was 20). So the day after when the sun came up my father, brother, and myself buried him and said our goodbyes.
About an hour or two after it began to storm like crazy. Thunder lightning wind the whole nine yards. About 10 minutes into the storm lighting struck and it was very very loud. Sounded like it had hit my house. About 30 seconds after the strike I heard my younger brother yell from his room “FIRE!” So after he yelled that myself and my parents and brother ran outside to see fire shooting out of the ground directly in front of my propane tank that ran our houses heat. My brother tried putting it out to no avail so we just ran to the end of the driveway and called the fire department. The way the wind was blowing we could not get to the tank to turn the tank off because the fire was blowing onto the tank valve. The fire department arrive and sprayed the flame down and one of the firefighters got the tank turned off and the fire stopped. Afterwards when talking to the fireman he said “that’s the only way that could have happened without the tank blowing up and killing you all, the fire was coming out right before the valve so it wouldn’t suck up in the tank” after we had gotten everything in order the next day I was talking to my mother and she said. “You know blue (my dogs name) hated storms” and I remembered back and just said “yeah he did” then my mother replied. “I really think he was watching over us yesterday” and ever since then I am convinced my Blue boy has been my guardian angel.

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