Green Hand in the Laundry

The Bow Tie Taunt


Kenny Rush
Date | 1978
Location | Oklahoma City, OK


I have shared this story of the “Taunting Green Hand” with another podcast but what prompts me to share my story with Belief Hole is due to the fact that I have heard on a few of your podcasts of disembodied hands that people have seen. This left me flabbergasted since I thought I was the only one to experience such craziness.

I was 5 years old ( in the late 70’s), and had an encounter that still chills me today. It wasn’t a nightmare because it happened at least 3 different nights and I remember being wide awake running to my parents room across the hall freaked out by what I saw.

I had this little white bowtie and loved to wear it to church, I really liked that bow tie…I guess I thought it was cool.
One night I was laying in bed with my room illuminated by a single nightlight and I could see my bow tie sitting atop of my dresser across the room. I remember being fixated on the white bow tie and suddenly see it fall off the dresser onto the floor between my dresser and my laundry bin.

I went to pick it up because I didn’t want it to get lost or dirty. As I went to get out of bed I no longer saw the bow tie and was a little confused. As I was headed across the room I saw this hand come up from behind my laundry bin holding my bow tie. I recall the hand being a pale shade of green and it was shaking my bow tie as if taunting me to come and get it.
My Mom was always playing tricks on me and on different occasions she would jump out and scare me. So I began to expect her to try and scare me at anytime. This was the first thing I thought of when I saw this taunting green hand.

My heart thumped loudly in my chest. I turned and jumped back in my bed. I remember thinking that my laundry bin was up against the wall so there was no way someone could be tricking me. I actually said, “Mom?” in a quiet whisper to see if it was her.

I was trying to wrap my head around the fact of how I was seeing what I was seeing. When I looked back, the hand was gone and my bowtie was nowhere in sight.

As I was staring at the laundry bin, the taunting green hand slowly came up from behind shaking my bow tie. I wanted to run to my parents room but I was afraid the hand would grab my ankle from beneath the bed.
I laid there feeling my heartbeat in my entire body and somehow gathered enough courage to jump and run to my parents room. My parents were sound asleep but I jumped in the middle of the bed and woke up my Mom. I told her what I saw and she told me I was just having a bad dream and she took me back to my bedroom and showed me there was nothing behind the laundry bin.

I felt irritated that she didn’t believe me and that the hand was gone. I asked her if she saw my bow tie. She said she didn’t see my bow tie and she would find it in the morning.

She turned the light off and told me to get to sleep. Of course I was looking back at the laundry bin, and then again, the taunting green had risen up from behind shaking my bowtie. It was even more terrifying the second time…I was still trying to wrap my mind around what I was seeing. Then it suddenly disappeared…my mind went wild in wondering where it could have gone. As I laid there I heard a thump on the wall behind my headboard. I turned and looked and there was this hand shaking the bow tie taunting me with it.

I ran back to my parents room with my voice calling out louder this time. I told both my parents this time what I saw and they looked at me like I was crazy. So my Dad took me back to my room and looked behind the bin and my headboard to prove there was nothing there. Again they told me to go to sleep and that I was just dreaming. Even though I was terrified I eventually fell asleep.

When morning came I looked for my bow tie. It wasn’t on the dresser or under the dresser or even behind the laundry bin. I looked in the laundry bin only to find it at the very bottom covered by my other clothes.

The same green hand visited me again on two different nights always holding something of mine, and taunting with it. I remember feeling afraid but also knowing my parents would just tell me I’m having a bad dream.

The last time I saw the hand I remember being mad and I told it to go away and stop bothering me. When it went away and never came back it kinda empowered me. I’ve had other experiences like this but have learned to face the incident with a logical mindset and make an attempt at showing no fear.

Anyhow I love hearing paranormal stories and talking about the unknown. Keep on keeping on!

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