Green Eyes of the Night Woman

A Nighttime Knock in the Middle of Nowhere


Date | 1969
Location | Avondale, Arizona


This is a story my grandmother and mother told on a couple of occasions, but neither really liked to talk about it. Technically, I was present when it happened, but I was an infant at the time. I grew up in a small cotton-farming town west of Phoenix, Arizona. This would have been around 1969. My grandparents lived in a small house on a large lot one block off the main street in our town.

To reach their front door, you’d enter a gate in the fence from the sidewalk and then walk roughly 10 to 12 yards to their front porch where the main door was. This will all matter in a second At the time, my father was a volunteer police officer in our town. Sometimes he’d patrol late at night. My mother would spend those evenings at my grandparents’ home with me. My dad would pick us up when he was finished.  Their home was very small, less than a thousand square feet. The living room had a large window next to the front door from which you could see the entire front yard. Late one night, my mother had fallen asleep on the couch. I was sleeping in a bassinet, and my grandparents had gone to their bedroom. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

My grandmother hadn’t fallen asleep yet; so was entering the living room when my mom woke up. They both thought the knock was my dad coming to pick us up. My mother was gathering our things as my grandmother opened the door. When she opened the door it wasn’t my dad. It was a blonde-haired woman wearing a honey-colored fur coat. Surprised and confused, my grandmother asked, “Can I help you?” The lady replied, “I’d like to come sit by your fire.”  My grandmother said she was suddenly overcome by this incredibly intense fear. She yelled, “Hell NO!” and slammed the door in the woman’s face. My mother never saw the woman, but she heard the entire exchange and ran to the window as soon as my grandmother slammed the door. She said no one was there.

My grandmother felt guilty for being rude and a “chicken.” She immediately went out to look for the woman to see if she really did need help, but she wasn’t in the yard or the street. There were no cars outfront or on the street.  The next day, she went to her neighbors to see if any of them had had a late-night visitor the evening before. None of them had. In re-telling the story to me, my grandmother said what set her on edge, besides the weirdness of a lady appearing on her doorstep late at night, was that she had these intense green eyes. She said she’d never forget them. 

This may not be paranormal, but it was way out of the ordinary for our little town. The whole town had just over 6,000 residents back then and that was spread over miles of farms. The town proper had maybe half that. It certainly wasn’t common for people to be walking on the streets late, especially a lone woman. The main street was definitely not bustling, even during the day. The highway and a railroad track passed through town, a bit over a mile south of my grandmother’s, but there were probably a couple hundred homes between hers and the highway that’d be more likely to get visited by a traveler in distress. If it were a traveler in distress, why hadn’t she visited any of the neighbors on the same street?

It doesn’t exactly fit the Black-Eyed Kids descriptions, but I wonder if there isn’t a link to whatever THEY are.

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