Grandma Tucked Me In

A dream becomes a ghostly reality


Date | c. 2011
Location | My fiancé's house


About 10 years ago, after a very turbulent time in my life, I ended up making a new life for myself in Canada. The trials of driving cross country and dealing with a move over international borders left me and my fiancé at the time (now husband) bone weary. About a week after arrival (and still wiped out from the moving stress) we had fallen asleep early with the windows and fan on since the day had been very warm, and had kicked the only blanket off the end of the bed. Being Canada, however, the night cooled fast and I woke up shivering. Being so tired and half asleep, instead of closing the windows and turning off the fan, I just turned on my side and curled up closer to my future husband, who was sleeping on his side facing away from me.

I then went into a deep dream. In this dream, I was sitting on the floor of my deceased grandmother’s house and it was pitch black. Like the kind of black you experience deep in a cave when you turn the flashlight off. Around me, I could hear shuffling but was totally unafraid. More curious then anything. As I was sitting there, I felt a familiar fabric sweep against me. I knew automatically that it was my grandmother’s furry house robe that she would wear every morning making breakfast. After that, I felt warmth come over my legs, then torso. In the dream, I calmly said “thank you”.

The second I said this, I become fully and instantly awake and aware of a blanket being gently tucked around my shoulders. I instantaneously realized what I was experiencing, and an electric chill washed over me. The blanket that had been unceremoniously dumped on the floor at the end of the bed was now tucked around me. I laid very still and knew, KNEW if i had turned over at that moment I would have seen my grandmother. My fiance, a very heavy sleeper, was still snoring beside me in the same position and we were the only ones in the house. Gathering my courage, I finally turned over. Of course, nothing was there. I still profoundly felt like I had momentarily stepped outside our universe though. I laid in bed the rest of the night and pondered the experience, finally coming to the conclusion that it was just my grandmother letting me know that in trying times, she was still there to tuck me in at the end of day.

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