Glimpse of the Reaper

Death Pays a Visit to the Hospital


James Malone, Jr.
Date of Occurrence | 2007
Location | Wyandotte, Michigan

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Hear the account @ 20:04

Glimpse of the Reaper

Hey guys, I have a story about the time I saw the grim reaper. In 2007, when I was 21 years old, I needed surgery for a bilateral hernia. I had the surgery on a Thursday, and that following Sunday, I wasn’t feeling well. I was in a lot of pain, very clammy, couldn’t sleep, and from above my belly button, down to my knees, I was red and radiating heat. I was take nto the hospital, and they said I had a bad infection. They gave me 3 antibiotics, and morphine. As soon as they administered the morphine, it felt like someone had dug a large knife in my lower ribs on my left side. I turned to my mom, who was in the corner of the room, and told her I was dying. As I said this, that very corner, right behind my mom, grew extremely dark. Out of that darkness, the grim reaper appeared. Full body cloak, scythe, the whole nine yards. He placed his hand on my mom’s shoulder, stared at me for a few seconds, shook his head, then slide right back into the corner and disappeared… it felt so real, and very terrifying. After that, they discovered I had a blood clot in my left lung, and told me that if I didn’t go to the hospital when I did, I would not have woken up in the morning. Thanks guys, love the show. I just wanted to share this experience with you.

Follow Up

“I would say he seemed to be doing his job, but didn’t go through with it. I wasn’t totally terrified until I took the time to think of it a few days later while I was still in the hospital. At the time of seeing him, it almost seemed like it was a calming, quiet feeling. When he went back into the corner, that’s when reality seemed to return. It’s definitely something I don’t want to experience anytime soon.” (After asking Jay about any sense of malevolence during the encounter)

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