Hi guys. First, I am so broken hearted to hear about Jake. He was a fixture on the Hole and I hope he will always be viewed as an honorable mascot for your great show.

I have some experiences that have happened over the years that have brought me a sense of peace and comfort.
The first pet I lost was a my cat, Sparks, who lived a long 23 years. When he passed away, I was left with my first dog: “Doggone” (yes, that was his name). Doggone had a typical love hate relationship with Sparks, but I could tell he missed him. One day, I noticed the dog going into the bedroom and barking under the bed. The cat often slept under there, so at first, I thought is was just a conditioned response. But, then I started hearing this moving about in the room and the dog start chasing “something” around the house….running under tables and around furniture. This was how Doggone and Sparks played all the time. I still thought it was nothing, except that Doggone would sit in the living room watching the bedroom door waiting for the cat to come out. Sparks would often peek around the corner to egg the dog on. Well, Doggone would react to something he could see. He would bark with excitement and then just start chasing again. It was as if he was actually playing with a friend.

Well, I thought it was “interesting”, until one day we had a graduation party at the house an my young nieces and nephews were visiting. They ranged in age from 4 to 7. I had not told anyone about Sparks passing because I didn’t want to put a damper on the day. I was hoping they would just think he was sleeping somewhere. Well, at some point, the four kids came running down the hall, laughing and giggling. I asked them what they were up to. They said they were chasing Sparks around the house. “He keeps getting away from us, my young niece said. At that moment, the hair on the back of my neck went up and I realized there was something going on here. I didn’t say anything, believing it best to just let them think they were playing with the cat.

But, then one more thing happened. One of my other nephews said they thought the cat got outside and he was quite upset about it; apologizing. I told him it was okay and that I would find the cat. But, an hour later, the kids ran into the kitchen and said: “Don’t worry Aunt Cathy, Sparks is under the bed now.” I couldn’t help myself but to go into the bedroom, get down on my knees and look. I saw nothing. But, at that point, I believed.

I have had similar experiences with the many dogs I have had over the years. I have no doubt that all of my pets are fine in another dimension; see or unseen. My vision of Heaven is entering the “gates” and seeing all of my pets waiting to greet me.

Thanks for listening to this story. Keep us the amazing work. And again, I am so sorry for the very difficult loss of a best friend.

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