First of all I am so sorry for the loss of Jake. I know Jon and Jake were close, but Jon know that Jake had fulfilled his ‘Soul Contract’ with you and had to move on.

Here’s my story in honor of Jake!

I lost my best friend to complications, but he was 13 so he hung on because he knew I needed him. He was a tiny Yorkie/Peke and his name was Loki.

About a month after I lost him, he passed away in my arms, I was thinking about him very strongly. Even to the point of using one of those ghost box apps on my phone. But I didn’t get any communication that made sense. It was very soon after that, a day or two only that I had this happen.

I was watching a friend of mine’s dog (Madison) while she was out of town. I am one of those that let dogs sleep with me in my bed. LOL So it was in the middle of the night, not sure what time but all of the sudden Madison bolts up out of the covers, stands up and stares at the bottom of the bed. It startled me and I was hoping it wasn’t someone that had broken in or something…right? But as my eye focused in the dark, on the bed and about 12″ away I saw Loki!!

The first thing that went through my mind was that I didn’t want him to think I replaced him so soon. So I quickly tried to convey that.

As I did I reached out to touch him. He looked so good and healthy, like he had just come from the groomers and his hair was so beautiful. I smiled feeling that he was telling me he was ok…sniff!

Then my hand just went right through him, but it was like bioluminescence. If you have ever seen this in a wave at the beach at night…it was like that! Almost like pixie dust. It was so beautiful and it left me with a very peaceful happy feeling. Which I needed since I was still in mourning.

He quickly faded away and it was only at that point that my visiting friend, Madison, laid back down and acted as if nothing strange had happened. I still smile when I think about this and I feel that Jake will reach out when he is able to let Jon know the same.

Love you guys and what you do. Thanks for listening and letting me share this. There are only a few people that you can really share a story like this with, even within your own family and friends circle.

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