In the fall of 2021 my mother in law found a tiny but feisty black kitten with one white patch under her left leg, under her porch, she knew I was a cat person and asked if I wanted her, and of course I took her in. I called her Little Kitty, and she was the strangest, wildest, funniest kitten I have ever seen, and I adored her, even when she somehow demolished my Christmas tree despite being about the size of a little potato. She’d play fetch like a dog for as long as you’d throw something, and she would sit on my knee and stare at back and forth at my husband and I when we were talking, like she was following along the conversation.

A few days before Christmas, I let her out on my screened in porch to play with my older cat Tuna, and she managed to find a small hole in the screen and get out, never to return. I was beyond devastated.

Fast forward to summer, when someone dumped a very pregnant cat at our gate. We took her in, but she was (and still is) terrified of our dogs, so she settled in as a barn cat and had 5 kittens.

Once they were big enough I found them and found them new homes save one, a funny little tortie girl I named Grimm who stole my heart.

Grimm came & went from the house but mostly lived in the barn with her mom, until yet again, 2 days before Christmas, I couldn’t find her anywhere.

I was so upset, I just couldn’t believe it happened again. I’ve always had barn cats and they’ve all lived to ripe old ages.

Christmas Eve morning rolled around & I hear loud meowing at the front door! I rush over to open it and instead of a tortie, there sat a black cat, who flounced right in like she owned the joint.

She set herself up on the living room rug and started playfully rolling on her back, and there inside her left leg was a white patch. It was Little Kitty, who’d been gone for a year almost to the day. I quite literally couldn’t believe it, and I was the only at home so I snapped a picture of her to prove to myself and everyone else she was real!

About an happy, play filled hour after she showed up, I get a call from our local postmaster. He had seen a missing kitty picture on Facebook of Grimm – who happened to be keeping him company at our local post office! Apparently she took a ride into town under my car! I told him I would be right there to pick her up.

Little Kitty stared at me as I was on the phone, and somehow I couldn’t help but feel like she had some weird connection to all this. When I hung up, she followed me to the front door. I put on my coat and said ….”You don’t want to stay?” And to be honest I half expected an answer. But something in me knew I wasn’t meant to keep her in the house, so I opened the door, and off she went. I watched her trot around the barn, and she was gone. I picked up Grimm, who I’m happy to report is living a fat happy life around a new deluxe chicken coop we built this spring 🙂

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