So first of all I want to give you my sympathies for what you are going to. I’ve lost 2 very loved cats in the last few months so I know how hard things are for you right now. I hope you are ok.

We have had cats since I was little, but for about 20 years now we have had at least one ghost cat that seems to follow us from house to house. It may be more than one, as I have seen it as a black cat, my sister has seen it as a tortoiseshell and my daughter has seen a ginger cat. We see it walk past doorways, jump on furniture or run down the stairs, always out of the corner of our eye and when we look properly there is no cat there. The activity is always more when we lose a cat, as if they are there to help our little ones to cross over, and to bring us some comfort.

In a slightly separate note, we lost our 19 year old cat, Mia, back in November. For about a week before he died (it was old age, and we knew it was coming) I kept seeing a shadow in the corner of my room. I didn’t get any negative feelings from this and I’ve seen ghosts before so it didn’t bother me, but I never saw this shadow again after the night we lost Mia, so I truly believe they came to collect him so he wouldn’t be alone. I hope this gives you some comfort, knowing that our beloved pets are being taken care of when their time comes, as it did give me a lot of comfort at the time as well.

Me and my cat, derpy (who listens to your show with me and seems to love you all) send you all our love at this awful time for you.

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