I was living in a crappy little motel cabin, in Salem NH with my boyfriend at the time, and the place didn’t allow pets, so I had to leave my beloved Rizzy, the best cat ever, at my mom’s house. He has lived there his whole life anyway, but it was hard to be apart from him. He never left my side, and was one of those pets that you knew had emotions and empathy. If I slept til 3 pm, he slept right next me, never getting up until I did. If I was crying, he’d jump up on my lap, look up at me, and place his law on my mouth or cheek. He was just amazing. So I’d been away for probably 2 months at this point. During the night I was jolted awake by one of those really vivid, realistic dreams. I was alone, standing in complete blackness. Like a void, a place in-between. I notice this sparkly swirling faint blue light or glowing mist. It’s growing and getting closer to me, and stops maybe 5 feet in front of me, when who jumps out? My Rizzy! He saunters over and jumps up into my arms, nudging and rubbing against my face. I held him so tight and said “Rizzy, what are you doing here?!!” He looks right into my eyes and as if trying to convey something to me. He blinks cutely, give me another face rub, then jumps out of my arms and back into the blue sparkly mist, and it fades away. I could feel his fur and his warmth. And the message I felt he was trying to convey was “I’m ok, and I love you”. The next morning I wake up to my mom calling, saying “I have bad news… Rizzy’s gone”. And then the “dream” came back to me, so vivid and detailed. I told her that I he visited me in my sleep to say goodbye to me and started crying tears of sadness and joy. Sad cause I would miss him, but so glad that he was able to come see me and share his love and to let me know that he was ok, that life goes on. I’m sorry for your loss, and I hope this encounter gives you comfort knowing that pets too have an afterlife. Love you guys! And thanks for sharing my story. 💓

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