Just in Case this audio won’t play For You guys… my name is Ashlee Cole, and I’m from Nashville, TN. My mom’s beloved large and in charge orange tabby named max passed away from kidney cancer in 2019. About a year later I rescued a tortie cat I named Chloe. Turns out she was expecting, and my mom told me that if there was an orange tabby in the litter that was Max coming back to her. Right before she went into labor, I was outside my apartment and an abnormally large orange tabby came busting out of the woods running towards my building. I tried to keep my eyes on the cat but somehow as I turned the corner to follow the cat I lost sight of him. I looked for days for any sign of one hanging around but I never did…. Anyway not long after she went into labor and the first kitten born was an orange tabby. I’m not saying that it was Max but I find it peculiar how much alike these 2 cats are personality wise. They look just alike too. My mother swears to everyone that the tabby I saw bust thru those woods was max saying I’M COMING HOME MOMMA!! which I have always been overly sensitive to things on the other side of veil, but that was a first for me for sure.
Love the show yall thanks for what yall do!
You can use either the audio or the text version whichever yall see fit. Thanks!!

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