In my 20s, my father’s dog (but one I had also lived with until I moved out) passed away suddenly and tragically. I had a dream about soon after, the kind that feel completely real and vivid. She had the softest fur while she was alive and was kinda picky about being petted on HER terms (like, when she was done getting petted, you knew 😅). She was a really pretty auburn color and in my dream she was like a whited-out sort of color of that…I’m probably not explaining it well. I just remember if felt completely real, she came up and was letting me pet her and I remember thinking “I have to enjoy this because she’s gone”. And that was it. I’m almost crying thinking of that, because it really just comes back completely. I had a similar dream at 13 when my grandfather passed away. He came and gave me a hug in my dream, and again, it was like it was real. I could feel it and all that. I never dreamt of either of them again. I always felt like they were saying goodbye to me.

Sending hugs and love from Omaha, NE. Jake was well-loved and I enjoyed hearing about him. Hope you’re all taking the time you need ❤️ Love the show and thank you guys!

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