Morning Farewell

First I want to say I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, to Jon especially. I’m sorry guys. I honestly have several stories I’ve been meaning to share with you, but seeing what happened and your rent request, this one made the top of the list. As a side note, I’ve been loving your show and listening through all your episodes from the start, including Jon’s Spotify channel which people need to check out by the way! Keep up the great work!

As I sit here typing this out on my phone, I’m no longer the same kid at the start of my story, and I have a family now of my own. Speaking of which I’m joined by one of our two kitty family members, a tuxedo cat named Oscar, who is sleeping next to me, as I write this. I want to tell you now though about the first kitten I ever got.

As a kid, maybe around nine or ten years old, my parents took me to the pound to adopt a kitten. My family believed in rescuing pets that needed homes, and I found a beautiful calico-tiger mix. I named her “Lassie,” ending with an i-e not y, and not in connection at all to the dog of the same name, it just seemed to fit her.

I was a kid, and I didn’t know any better, and I feel guilty still to this day, but at times I feel I did not know how to properly handle a kitten. For example, I tried to get her to go into my toy kitten carrying case, thinking “that’s where kittens go!” but she held her own, and would try to bite me when I did things like that. As a kid, I didn’t understand and I became a bit scared of her, but she taught me an important lesson to respect animals. At the end of the day, she was still my kitten and I loved her. I had bunk beds and slept on the top bunk, and she would often try to sleep with me, either by my feet, or right next to my head on my pillow. When she got bigger she would jump down from the top bunk all the way to the to the floor, and you would always hear a loud “THUNK!” from our kitchen below my room. This becomes important later.

The year I turned 17 was not a good year… I lost my both my grandmother and Lassy in the same year. There’s paranormal stories about me and my Mom seeing my grandparents after they passed too, but those are for another day. That spring, Lassy had been losing weight and acting sickly. Nearing summer we were about to go on a family trip to the Grand Canyon, and my parents didn’t want to cancel the trip, nor did they think there was a safer person to look after her than our vet. As an adult… I question my parents decision to leave anyway, I hated it and wanted to stay with her somehow… Honestly I probably could have, I was old enough, but at the time it didn’t seem like an option. Hindsight…

Before we left, Lassy tried to hide in the house away from us, which should have been my first red flag, but again I was just a kid. Being sick she couldn’t go too far other than the corner of a closet. When we brought her to the vet, I was the last one to say goodbye, and I hated walking away. I had this deep feeling, that would be the last time I would see her…

It was. The vet told us only when we got back, that she had suffered a form of leukemia. It seemed like she had waited until we were gone. My Mom thought this was due to the idea that some animals would go into the woods to die alone away from their families.

Just for some context, I’ve had some minor clairvoyant abilities all my life, I feel they are nothing major, but my parents always thought I have more than my mother, and she can sense and see ghosts sometimes. Anyway, I’ll say for now that I have enough of an ability that just in case family members who had passed on (or anyone or anything else) wanted to visit, I had a conscious ongoing thought of “don’t come at night.” Nothing usually ever felt bad during the day, so I felt safe enough saying that.

One morning, I was just waking up on the top bunk. I felt kitty paws walk all around me, actually feeling the depression in the bed right next to me from my feet, all around my head sinking into the pillow, and back down the bed by my feet again, and I felt such a strong feeling of love! It was like it was being said to me, like someone was directing it to me in a statement without words. I fully expected to open my eyes and see Lassy there and I was so happy. To my surprise no one was there. Just the sun shining brightly through the window.

Slowly I realized and remembered she was dead… but I smiled because she had come to say goodbye. She even knew to wait to come in the morning. Somehow, despite everything she had put up with from me in her life, she still loved me… I felt so loved and surprised she had understood me being a child and loved me anyway. To this day I don’t believe she’s really dead… not really, nor anyone. We keep going, existing, and loving.

By the way, my Mom reported that for months that she would still hear the “THUNK!” of her jumping down from my bed. I never did hear that, but I was never scared of Lassy again.

I hope you guys can use this story, even if it’s just added to the archives, or maybe it can give you all some peace. Lassy taught me that our pets, and all our loved ones, are still alive after death, and they still love us. Peace you guys.

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