Hope this entry isn’t too late. When I was young I lived on a little farm surrounded by flat, open fields. I had a dog named Angel whom I loved dearly. She liked to run out into the fields and disappear for hours or maybe days at a time and that was ok. We just let her be. Almost every day though, she would come up into the yard of our house to see me arrive home on the bus. Sometimes she’d come up to me for pets, sometimes she’d just take off as soon as she saw me wave. Well, one Thursday afternoon, the bus is coming down the road, about to stop in front of our house. I see Angel and wave and smile. She wags her tail and then bounds off into the fields. When I get home on Friday though, my mom tells me she has to tell me something. She takes me aside and tells me the on Wednesday, Angel had gotten into my mother’s medication and apparently ingested a bunch of it and when my mom found her she was already gone. She didn’t want to tell me because she didn’t want me sad at school for the rest of the week. I told mom that couldn’t be true because I’d just seen her yesterday. I argued so much my mom eventually took me to the barn to show me Angel’s body. I cried and was so angry but I knew I saw Angel on Thursday. I always knew she’d just stopped to say goodbye one last time. I still have that image of her in my mind happily bounding off into the tall grass. I’m so sorry about Jake. I promise he’s happy and safe and doing all the fun dog things on the other side because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I know that doesn’t make it any easier but maybe it brings a little peace Sending hugs and comfort. Love you guys.

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