I grew up with 2 cats, who were both adopted in 1990 while my family was stationed in Okinawa, on Camp Kinser (highly recommend y’all check out Okinawa for stories of hauntings and legends, and the Turtleback tombs; it’s a very spiritual island!) We moved to the Dayton area, with my parents finally retiring to a house in Beavercreek. After I moved out, our cats stayed at the house, being cared for by my Mom. So this actually first happened to my Mom, and then to me after the cats had both passed away. I didn’t know what to think, maybe a critter? But then I heard it myself.

So the cats would be given their food in a specific spot in the kitchen, up against the back of a cupboard and counter that bordered the kitchen.

So I’m sitting in the family room chatting with my Mom, when I hear the little tinkling sound of what used to sound exactly like my (now gone) cats eating their dry food out of the bowl. It’s not a scratching sound. But like the sound of dry food moving in their old ceramic food dish.

I pointed it out to my Mom and she replied “Oh, I know…I told you!” I stood up and walked over there, it was in sight even from where I sat on the couch. Nothing was there. No cat, no food, no strange critter. It only seems to happen in the evening, which is when they ate out of the ceramic dish. I wasn’t alone in the moment either, as she heard it too!

My parents have regular visits and sprayings from a pest control company. There’s nothing in the cabinets to cause it. It’s just this sound of their food moving in their dish coming from the exact spot where they ate dinner for years!

I figure that it’s most likely some sort of echo, maybe in space-time, from a long established pattern of my cats consuming their kibble. But why? Why would such a simple sound reverberate through space-time? What did it record itself on? My Mom heard it in that moment, just as I had. Is there something that triggers it?

It’s such a simple sound that we were used to, but they’ve been gone for years now. It still happens every now and then. Apparently, Beavercreek is known for having limestone deposits, which is said to have “paranormal properties.” (Maybe a show on that, guys?)

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