Ghetto Girls Get Ghosted

5 Hmong Girls Play a Game


Date | Unknown
Location | Fresno, CA


I just found Belief Hole like 2 weeks ago. Joined your patreon today and saw your call for stories. Maybe it’s time to talk about a few things, so here it goes my only experience with a “ouija board”.

When I was 12 years old, I found myself sitting in front of a paper version of the Ouija board at around 6PM at night. We were too poor to buy a board, plus we were literally 12 years old, so one of the girls drew the ouija board on a piece of paper and we used a coin as the thing that moves around (I honestly don’t know what it’s called).

I remember this happened close to Halloween because we were all talking about our costumes. Someone wanted to be a cheerleader, someone wanted to be Britney Spears, and I wanted to be a ninja. Then, one girl started talking about spooky shit. I have never liked talking about ghost stories because I’ve always had experiences growing up. At the time, I didn’t know if it was because of the houses we lived in, or because I was not normal (spoiler alert: I was not normal).
One girl (I’m going to call her Leader Girl) then brought up the haunted house that was right next door to our apartment complex.

It’s important to note that I just recently moved to the apartment complex. Apparently, some guy died in that house next door (possibly had killed himself) and although no one lived in the house at the time… things would happen. Lights would turn on at night. People could hear a vacuum or water running when there was none. And sometimes, you would hear what sounded like rummaging around the house as if someone was there.
If you’re wondering “how can you hear rummaging in the house from next door”, we lived in California. Our apartment complex literally loomed over the house because, y’know, land is not cheap. It could also be homeless people or squatters. I’m not sure.

Anyways, someone else started talking about the haunted house, and then Leader Girl had this great idea to use the ouija board to contact the guy that supposedly died in that house.
Personally, I thought it was stupid and terrifying all at the same time. First off, how can you just ‘summon’ a ghost? And second, ‘why’?
I need to state that I am Asian, and in my culture, our belief is shamanism. Our religion specifically teaches us NOT to try to communicate with spirits unless you are a shaman and or have been trained to do so. Opening up that door between us and spirits is a huge no-no. I was scared when the girls wanted to do this but I was also semi-new to the apartment so I didn’t want to “chicken out.” So, I stayed.

When the paper ouija board was made, we took it to the grassy area in the middle of the apartment. This grassy area is this little bowl in the ground where a pool should’ve been, but probably because the builder had no money, it just sat empty, and overtime, grass grew on it. It actually feels like a little green park in the middle of our super ghetto apartment. It was nice.

It was after 6PM because, I just had dinner and it wasn’t too dark out yet. We placed the paper ouija board on the ground and Leader Girl started explaining how to “play” the game. I think this is probably the first time I really learned about what a Ouija Board was.

Anyways, we all put our index finger on the coin, and Leader Girl led most of the questioning. It started out with “is anyone there” and the coin didn’t move. She continued to ask more things like “are there ghosts here?” “is the apartment haunted?” “is the house next door haunted?”

Nothing really happened. I remember saying that I had to go home, and Leader Girl told me that I couldn’t go. I had to ask permission from the board to go home. I thought it was kind of stupid. I’m going to ask for a piece of paper to go home? I just rolled my eyes and said okay. We all asked the board if we could go home. Our fingers were still hovering over the coin (we were told not to touch the coin but to have our finger over it) when suddenly, it moved to “no”.

I looked up and noticed all the girls looking at each other. It was one of those “did you move it” looks. Leader Girl said “why can’t we go home”. And after a short pause, the coin moved around the board. It said “house”. I was confused and said “we can’t go home because of our house?” The coin then moved again and spelled out “my house”. Leader Girl blurted out that it must be the house next door. She then asked “are you the ghost from next door”? And the coin moved to “yes”. At this point, I felt like the Leader Girl was just trying to freak us out because another girl, Scaredy-Cat Girl, pulled her finger back and screamed that she wanted to go home. Leader Girl told her she can’t because the ghost from next door wants to talk to us. The other girls looked at each other and just made these faces like they were enjoying it.
Scaredy-Cat Girl got up immediately and said she was done. Leader Girl blurted out that if she left, the ghost from next door will get her.

The other two girls started to giggle. I wanted to leave too, so I quietly said that I wanted to go home too. I told them I needed to go wash dishes. Leader Girl with her other two homies looked at each other and started laughing. They pointed at Scaredy-Cat Girl and I, saying that we were such cry-babies.

As they laughed at us, I had this odd feeling wash over me. It was a combination of goosebumps but with heat rising to my face. Note that October in the Central Valley is still relatively hot. There was no wind in the air that evening so when this wind swept into the bowl of grass, everyone went quiet. It was almost like when someone blows out a candle. It immediately got darker in that bowl of grass. We all looked at each other and then back at the paper.
Although this wind had blown into the bowl, the ouija board, which was literally made out of paper, did not move. It was eerily quiet. We live in a 20+ unit apartment complex, close to a train track. This was literally a mini Asian village with everyone always out and about, being in each other’s business. Our apartment complex is NEVER quiet.

Scaredy-Cat Girl was the first to run out of the bowl. Then the other girls all took flight. I don’t know why but my feet were glued to the ground. I noticed Leader Girl was still here and she had this look of fear in her eyes. Her mouth was shut but she looked like she was trying to say something. Another gust of wind blew into the bowl and the paper flew up off the ground, and as if we were both released from the ground… we ran. As I ran up out of the bowl, the noise from the neighbors filled my ears and the lights from the apartment units, lit up the evening. My apartment unit was not too far from the bowl, and as soon as I got in through the door, I slammed it. My brother was playing games on his nintendo 64 and my mom was in the kitchen. All the lights were on. She saw me and immediately yelled at me. One, for slamming the door. Second, for not washing dishes after dinner. I ran to her and hugged her, thinking she’d save me from whatever happened. She confusingly asked me if I was okay. I just hugged her tighter.

That night, I slept in the same bed as my mom and had a dream of an older white man. He was wearing brown corduroy jeans and a flannel button up shirt. He looked disheveled and unhappy. He just looked at me, like he was disappointed with me, and walked away. After a few days, we found out that Leader Girl was sick. Then, a few days after that, I heard the sound of a drum coming from her apartment unit. She lived in an upstairs unit, two doors down from me. I walked over and saw her front door open. I knew this sound. I also knew this familiar smell of incense. It was a shaman ceremony. I never confirmed if it was for her so it could’ve been for something else. All I know is that we never talked about it and I stopped playing with her and the other two girls. Scaredy-Cat Girl moved away and I became friends with other girls in the complex who weren’t into ouija board initiation.

Of course we can chalk it up to coincidences, but I can’t explain how a paper doesn’t move when a gust of wind comes through, or how a small space can get darker and quieter. How can a relatively healthy person get sick for days after such an experience? Maybe we stayed out too late and she caught a cold? Maybe it’s all in our minds? It won’t be until much later on in my adult life that I will be taught how to manage and deal with my experiences. Also, the house has since been demolished, and the land still sits vacant.

| Image of Vacant Lot

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