Freaky Bigfoot Encounters: Hairy High Strangeness!

Jun 3, 2024 | 2 comments


2:14 | Topic Introduction - Bizarre Bigfoot and Hairy High Strangeness
3:45 | ‘The Cowman Introduction’ - Bigfoot Horror Story
4:30 | Sasquatch, UFOs, Portals, and Fanny Packs
5:47 | Where the Footprints End - Timothy Renner & Joshua Cutchin
9:51 | Men Stealers - Diary of Elkanah Walker 1840s | QUOTE
13:32 | Mt St Helens Bigfoot Legend and Prevalence of Bigfoot in Washington State
17:50 | Containment Theory Discussion
19:49 | The Cowman of Copalis Beach - S.D. Baker | STORY
20:37 | Bob Gymlan
37:06 | Sponsor: Criminal Coffee
38:59 | Where the Footprints End - Timothy Renner & Joshua Cutchin
39:31 | Bigfoot and Aliens, the UFO Connection
40:12 | Bigfoot/UFO Sighting Comparison Statistic | QUOTE
41:48 | Native Legend - Bigfoot from Craft - Brad Steiger - 1888 Diary | QUOTE
44:08 | Preston Dennett
44:39 | Collector's Zoo | Katharina Wilson | STORY
45:55 | Bigfoot/Big Cats Connection - Eurasia, Minerva Monster
50:16 | Blood and Bone Bias VS High Strangeness Occurrences
52:37 | Bigfoot Recording “I Love You” - Chosen by the Bigfoot - Mike Patterson
1:01:50 | Tiger King Tangent and Bad Karma
1:02:19 | Evil Dead and Army of Darkness Discussion
1:04:52 | Final Thoughts, Jons Reaction and Todd Standing Controversy

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Finally! the Big Guy has found his lumbering way into the Belief Hole for an episode dedicated to Sasquatch Strangeness. From the infamous Cowman of Copalis Beach to little known native lore connecting the hairy humanoid to ancient visits from otherworldly craft, we serve up multiple courses of some of the most deliciously intriguing and spine-tingling Bigfoot encounters ever!

So strap on your night-vision goggles and pack up that peanut butter, cause we’re going on the hunt for the king of cryptids. Bigfoot.

Also… Battle Cats are half-dragon, Army of Darkness, and Todd Standing Controversy

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bigfoot at windowpoke-by Jonathan Dodd

Top Left to Bottom Right: Todd Standing Bigfeet | Todd’s Face Comparison | Bigfoot at Window | Poke by Jonathan Dodd

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  1. Sheila Loya

    Omg Hairy guy strangeness!!! I remember listening to this while laying next to my boyfriend at the time, who was/is the hairiest guy I’ve ever met! I died when you guys started singing “hairy guy strangeness…” 😂😂😂 He was like WTF are you listening to?!! I said “Belief Hole! WTF do you think? Who else do I listen to that cracks me up like this? ” He looked very uncomfortable the whole rest of the show lol…

    • Belief Hole Podcast

      Glad we could bring back some memories 🤣🙌


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