Mausoleum Ghosts Follow a Girl Home


Date | 2012
Location | Mansfield, Mo


My friends and I used to be OBSESSED with ghost hunting. We would download the EVP Detectors you could get on your ipod touch and then we’d take my Dad’s truck and drive to creepy places and see if we could “talk” to anything on the other side…that is until this summer night.

The summer after I turned 16 my two best friends and I were inseparable. We spent almost every night together and when we got bored we’d grab my friend Alexis’ iPod, the camera bag, and my Dad’s truck keys and see if we could get any evidence that places around where we grew up were haunted. It was late July and we decided we would go around to two places in town that we hadn’t tried before: The old Catholic church and the cemetery. Now, this catholic church we were going to was just down the road from the home I grew up in and had the BEST parking lot for riding our bikes so my friends and I, as well as my siblings and I, had spent A LOT of time down there, but there was one part of the church we wouldn’t go to. On the right side of the church there was a memorial set up for a mother and her son who had passed away in a car accident when my Dad was a kid. The memorial itself was beautiful, there was a big statue of Mary with two marble benches at each side and it was surrounded by flowers and then in the center was a plaque with their names on it and the date they had passed away. Now, even though this spot was beautiful none of us would go near it because there was a dark presence there, but for some reason the three of us girls decided that on this particular night we would go. We made our way over there and set up our gear and got to asking questions. We asked the normal “Is anyone here?”, “if you can hear us say something”, etc. with no answer. When my friend decided to switch it up since we were not getting anywhere with these questions and she asked “how did you die?” we waited when all of a sudden the little EVP on her ipod said “car wreck”…chills went down my spine and my friends just stared at each other. We were speechless. We went on to ask a few more questions and didn’t get any more responses until “get out” just started repeating over and over again to the point that we thought the iPod had broken. We quickly got into the truck and sped off.

Now, normally we would have been done after that because we were really scared, but blame it on adrenaline or pure teenage stupidity but we made our way to the cemetery. In the town I grew up in there is only ONE mausoleum and it’s pretty old so naturally that is where we set up. We started asking questions that we knew the answers to and this is how it went:

Me: “is anyone here”
EVP: “yes”
Me: “are you male or female?” (this was where a husband and wife were laid to rest).
EVP: “Female”
Me: What day of the week did you die?”
EVP: “Sunday”
( My friend Taysha quickly googled the date on the plague, and it was a sunday).
Me: “DId you have any children?”
EVP: “Daughter”
Me: “What was her name?”
EVP: “Bronwyn” “White Breasted” (Taysha also looked this up and apparently this was a popular name for the time era of the date. AND the definition of the name was “white breasted”).

At this point we knew we needed to go. We felt sad, and at the same time very scared. I can’t explain it, but the energy had shifted since we had gotten there…but Alexis had one more question.

Alexis: “How did you die?’
EVP: “Fire”
Me: “who started the fire?”
EVP: “daughter”

With this we gathered our things and went home, but much to our surprise it didn’t end there.

Later that night, after we had all three fallen asleep, we were suddenly woken up to what sounded like my bedroom door opening, but when we looked it was still closed. Then all of a sudden, my box fan went flying across my room, then my stereo (keep in mind this was a 6 disc stereo, it was not small), followed by my TV. We were terrified at what had just happened and did not know what to do. My mom came running into my room to see what was going on and noticed my stuff everywhere and then saw the three of us sitting on my bed terrified…and I will never forget the sound of her voice or the look on her face when she looked at us and said “You were playing around with that ghost stuff again, weren’t you? I told you if you open yourself up to evil things they will come in.”

The next day the three of us were too scared to stay at my Mom’s house alone so we headed to my Dad’s. Even though my Dad wasn’t home we all three felt so much safer there because that was the house I grew up in and nothing too crazy had happened there.

So we get to my Dad’s and sit down on the couch to watch a movie and eat lunch when Taysha comes in the living room and asks “when did your Dad get home?”. I told her that he was out of town and wouldn’t be home for a few more days, but she insisted that she heard someone in his bedroom. I told her she wasn’t funny (I was still uneasy from the night before) and showed her the text where he told me he was going out of town but we could still stay at his house, but she STILL insisted someone was in there.

I checked the security system and showed her it was still on so no one could get in, we went to the back door (which happened to be in my Dad’s room) and I showed her that both locks were locked, and that the door to the attic was still closed and you couldn’t close it from the inside so she didn’t have to worry…no one was in there. We all go back to the living room and sit down when we start hearing footsteps above us…coming from the attic. I know no one could have gotten into the house without setting off the alarm AND the only people with keys and the code were my Dad and I…so Alexis once again pulled out her iPod…

Me: “Is someone here?”
EVP: “yes”
Alexis: “who?”
EVP: “Bronwyn”

After this interaction the footsteps got louder and we left my Dad’s house.

I told my Dad what had happened once he got home and after that he hung up a cross and his rosary by the front door…and the three of us never messed with “ghosts” again.

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