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Cern Conspiracy and Hi-tech Occult Rituals

On this episode of Belief Hole, we take an eager peak through the keyhole at CERN, a 17 Mile construction of highly advanced scientific experimentation that has been shrouded in mystery and linked to occult rituals since it’s conception.

Global Snoring, Chem-tales and New World Hoarders

Join us in episode 11 where we hear scientists, doctors and the Artist Formerly Known as Prince elaborate on the dangers of criss-crossing our skies with chemtrails. Is it for population control, Big Pharma benefits, Monsanto patents or to just really bum people out?

Halloween Episode! Ghost Stories and Creepy Hauntings

It’s that special time of year again, when you hear that thing that goes bump in the night, but instead of cowering under the blankets, you embrace him warmly, stroke his fur, and say “it’s OK, tonight is your night big guy, you don’t got a bump so hard… I’m listening. Let’s celebrate YOU! “ it’s freaking Halloween everybody!

Ouija Boards, Channeled Spirits and Ghostly Games

Draw out your protective salt circle, and light up the candles, because on episode 8 of Belief Hole, the spirits gather as we delve into the odd history and creepy true tales of the mystifying oracle that is the Ouija Board!


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