Drain Conjure

Arachnid Manifestation


Date | Mid October 2017, around 11-12pm
Location | Bend, OR


I’ve been considering submitting this story for some time now, but always felt as though it’s such a short experience I wasn’t sure if it was worth sending or not.

This experience happened about 6 years ago. I was living in Bend, OR at the time by myself in a small condo along the Deschutes River. Every night I would go to bed around 10-11pm, usually staying up late playing video games with a few friends or by myself. This particular night in October I was going to bed a little bit later than usual, I went to brush my teeth. The bathroom was very small, just a few cabinets, one sink and a step-in shower. I can’t explain this next part.. While brushing my teeth my mind starts wondering, as everyone’s does while brushing. As I was looking around the room brushing away, for some reason my attention was drawn to the shower drain.

Staring, I kept looking at the drain, and in my mind I kept thinking over and over “what if something just crawled out of there right now…” seconds later these long black, horrible legs of a spider reach out of the drain slowly emerging, surfacing it’s body, and then before I can even catch my thoughts, it goes back into the drain. The spider looked like a black widow but bigger than usual, a sleek dark elegant frame but shiny and terrifyingly long legs. I still don’t know if what I saw was real or just in my mind, I think about it all the time. I truly believe what I saw was real but just a complete coincidence. 

I’d love to hear if this has happened to anyone else, thank you for all your great content and show,

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