Dog Monster in the Road

A Mother and Son hit an unknown creature in the road


In 1991 when I was about six years old my mother and myself were driving down the road, when suddenly, off the side of the road, a very large dog walked out in front of us. Now this dog was like mastiff size but it’s body was oddly shaped. It was big in the chest and skinny in the back.. It looked like a hyena or something..

It walked out in front of our car. As it got into the middle of the road it looked our way, stopped, and then stood up on its back legs facing us.. My mom and I screamed, as we  slammed into the creature.. As a six year old I was frozen. My eyes had locked onto this thing after we hit it.. It rolled like a fur tumbleweed down the road in front of us, melted into the road, and vanished… My mom was also horrified, and screamed “wtf was that” as she sped off in a frenzy, driving toward her friends house. 

When we arrived, she had her boyfriend come outside and look at her car while she frantically recalled the encounter. 

We discovered a dent in the bumper and one of the headlights had been busted out… After my mom finished recalling the events, The boyfriend, my Mom and Myself all loaded up and drove back to the scene to try and find this creature.. But obviously, nothing was found.. 

To this day my mom still recalls this event, so I know it wasn’t a dream or false memory. She says “I still don’t know what that was, nor do I wanna know, but that wasn’t a dog”..

| POTENTIAL CORROBORATION: Sightings of a North American Hyena

Reports of peculiar creatures resembling hyenas in North America have been documented. Among the native tribes inhabiting the Missouri and Mississippi River Valleys, particularly the Ioway Tribe, such creatures hold a significant place in their folklore and legends. Known as the shoon-kah wah-ray-keen in their language, meaning “carries off dogs,” these brutish creatures are also referred to by various local names. They possess dark fur, a sloping back, massive jaws, and noticeably longer front legs compared to their rear, resembling the hyenas known to us today. Described as extremely vicious, the tribes of the region wisely kept their distance from these creatures.

| Ringdocus specimen Compared to a modern Hyena

Both Native tribes and early white settlers in the area frequently reported sightings of the Shunka Warakin. According to their accounts, these creatures were large and robust, resembling a blend of a wolf and a hyena, with fur ranging from black to dark red. Some settlers even claimed to have shot and preserved specimens of these beasts. Notably, an intriguing case involves a mounted specimen allegedly shot in Montana in 1886 by a man named Israel Ammon Hutchins. The specimen was obtained by a local taxidermist named Joseph Sherwood and exhibited at a general store in Idaho, where it was labeled as “Ringdocus.” While this particular mount has not undergone comprehensive examination and was even temporarily misplaced, some cryptozoologists, including the renowned Loren Coleman, propose that it could potentially serve as physical evidence of the legendary Shunka Warakin.

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