Demons of the Mind and Witchcraft in Elite Society
Demons of the Mind and Witchcraft in Elite Society


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E04 | Demons of the Mind and Witchcraft in Elite Society

On episode 4 of Belief Hole
, we discuss the potential paranormality of Multiple Personality Disorder. After reviewing first hand testimony from an asylum psychologist, we focus in on the Billy Milligan case and attempt to uncover aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder that seem to allude to split personalities being real, living entities sharing consciousness with a host body.

After the break we delve into Aleister Crowley’s concept of the abyss and how that might tie into our previous topic. And it wouldn’t be a true Belief Hole episode if we didn’t tumble down the rabbit hole and into some fringe worthy topics relating to modern culture.. such as Marina Abramovic’s spirit cooking, Tony Podesta’s headless home decor, Azealia Banks’ chicken carcass closet cleanse.. and Gummi Bears. The last one’s just for fun.

Also.. Danvers State Hospital Haunts, White House Cannibalism, and Jimmy Savile is the boogeyman!

Episode 4 Movie Suggestions:

Session 9, The Burbs, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Referenced Media:

Azeliea Banks Brujeria Magic – Chicken Slaughter Closet | LINK

Freeman Perspective Jerry Marzinsky episode | LINK

The Minds of Billy Milligan: | LINK

Mysterious Universe – Billy Milligan | LINK

Session 9 Cast Interview – Haunted Danvers State Hospital | LINK

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