Some thing lures a man into the woods


Winston A Bailey
Date | Summer of 2010 or 2011
Location | Midland, Michigan


I was taking a walk with my friend Mike at the Chippewa Nature Center in Midland, MI about 2010 or 2011. Suddenly he said “whoa, what is THAT?” and pointed to the overgrown weeds at the edge of the woods. I took a look and I saw what appeared to be the head of a deer poking up and staring at us. I immediately responded “It’s a deer” and he said emphatically “no, IT IS NOT.” 

As I looked a little harder I could see that despite the fact that the head was right, there was something off about the shoulders. “Yeah…you’re right”. Everything below the neck we couldn’t see, as it was sitting down or like, crouched and obscured in tall weeds/underbrush. It was still staring straight at us. He said “I’m gonna try and get a closer look” and he started to walk toward it at an angle off to the right. I said “Yeah I’ll stay here and not take my eyes off of it, let’s see if we can flank this thing.” So he took off and left me and the “deer” just staring at one another. We were definitely obvious about what we were doing, pointing and making no attempt to be sneaky. 

Then suddenly the thing stands up and turns to walk away, really twisting it’s neck around to keep it’s face directed right at me as it walked almost directly away… now… and there’s no other way to say this… This deer was suddenly not a deer at all. It had a deer’s head, but with a human body. This is the moment that plays over and over in my mind like a scene from a horror movie. It didn’t have any antlers, but had the large ears, big black eyes, normal deer coloring, and an elongated snout, but otherwise human arms, shoulders, legs, and the typical gait of a person. It was just walking away. This next part is also odd, because at this point I broke into a run at full speed, in an effort to keep it in sight. I was closing on it fast, and it was still watching me, but for some reason, it didn’t accelerate at all. 

At this point, it began to pass behind the overhanging trees, and for the first time, our eye contact was broken. It was at this moment that I went from a full run to a pretty violent, dead stop. Reality had just caught up with me and I was suddenly completely terrified… the first thing that stopped me was kind of silly, which was that whenever you see a single deer in Michigan, it is NEVER alone. I remember thinking “what is waiting for me in those woods?” That is when I realized that it was only WALKING away, despite the fact that I was running. Going slowly seemed to be important to this thing as if to make sure that I could follow it. It was more important for it to be followed than it was for it to get away. That REALLY scared me. It vanished into the woods as my friend was just getting back to me and he said “Where did it go?” I answered: “It got away man, I started to follow it but I got scared. PLEASE tell me that you just saw what I just saw.” and I’ll never forget that he just said simply: “it had a mans body.”

Strangely, despite just both witnessing this, we were somehow completely calm. That bothers me in retrospect. We were mindful enough to get the hell out of there, but there were people all over doing stuff and being busy…and this thing was so stealthy that we almost missed it.

When I got home I searched the internet for any similar experiences and I found NOTHING. Not one story or youtube video or anything. Ten years later the net is filled with stories about “skinwalkers” and “wendigo” and stuff… something that I find really creepy is that many posts say to “avoid making eye contact, as this is how they attempt to LURE YOU INTO THE WOODS.” It was the exact moment that my eye contact with this Deerman was interrupted that I stopped giving chase. So basically the skinwalker lore describes my exact experience.

This memory bothers me a lot… I hear stories about stuff like this all the time now, and sometimes they are creepy, but nothing can prepare you for how absolutely terrifying it is when you see something in reality that changes your definition of reality. Suddenly monsters are real, and apparently, one lives in my hometown. I am relieved that I had somebody else with me when this happened so I know that it wasn’t just some Dow Chemical induced hallucination or something.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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