The dog we had growing up, Moe, passed away from old age when I was about 18. I was extremely close with him. While we were at school and work all day, Moe would spend his days with our neighbor, Jim. They were best friends.

Jim had dementia by the time I was going off to college – he didn’t have long. But I never received official word of when he passed.

Eventually, I had a dream, which I’ve never forgotten a single detail of. I do not remember ANY dream. As soon as I’m awake, that dream is history. But this felt just like real life.

I came to in the dream by suddenly walking in the fields behind our old family home. I felt the sun shining down on me, and smelled the grass and the flowers. It was as it was in real life, only it was more of a meadow now – more flowers. But this was the set of fields behind our home, where I spent a lot of time with our dogs when I was young.

Suddenly I look down and see Moe trotting along beside me. In life, he had become fat and grey with old age, but here, he looked his absolute best. He had a huge doggo smile on his face. And I heard him tell me telepathically, “I just want you to see where I am so you know I’m okay.” And I was SO HAPPY. I started frollicking around with him in this meadow behind our home, until we got to Jim’s yard. Jim was mowing his lawn the way he always had been doing in life. I looked at him, he saw me, and I heard him say (without his mouth moving – again, it was telepathy), “Hey you’re not supposed to be here!” His exclamation wasn’t stern – it was friendly, but surprised. And right then, I was suddenly on a bike and SWOOSH! I was flying a million miles an hour into the sky. I instantly got past the atmosphere and THUNK slammed into my body, and woke up. It didn’t hurt or anything, but it was all incredibly fast.

I’ve never forgotten a single second of that dream. I believe the dog and Jim really are in Heaven just hanging out in the yard together, and that I was paid a very special visit.

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